List building through traffic exchange programs and building your own traffic exchange with software.

Erin Kilgour, Staff Writer, 8/23/2009

Free traffic exchange sites are popping up on the net daily.  But, are they really what they claim to be?  Traffic exchange sites hit the World Wide Web with a value of being able to acquire visitors or hits to one’s site without the expense of advertising.  The only place on the Internet where one can receive thousands of visitors to their website each month at zero cost.  So, in fact, they are what they claim to be.  They help the webmaster to build their search engine rankings and this can be achieved at a zero cost and only the investment of time.


A traffic exchange is a program in which webmasters join to promote and receive visitors or views to their site.  This is somewhat like a guaranteed traffic program provided the webmaster participates properly in the program.  Upon signing up the webmaster will receive “x” amount of credits and be set at a ratio in which he will view others webmasters websites and receive views to his site.  Normally this is 3:1 or 2:1.  The webmaster can chose


Traffic exchange programs are all over the World Wide Web. One search on the subject will yield pages of results.  There is everything on the Internet from traffic exchange forums, traffic exchange reviews and traffic exchange blogs.  One can easily find a traffic exchange list of the different traffic exchanges through a search engine search.


Traffic exchange programs have become so popular that many webmasters have decided to build their own traffic exchanges. It will take some research and an understanding of traffic exchanges and traffic exchange scripts but a webmaster can perform the task without a moderate difficulty.  Finding the right traffic exchange software is something that can be done with a little research.


Owning a traffic exchange is not something that you can walk away from.  It does require work.  Traffic exchanges grow at an incredible rate and you will be having new members sign up daily that “require” you to approve their new sites and answer any questions.  There are newbie to the Internet everyday and many require assistance.  The members will expect their sites to be approved in a timely manner and to receive response to their questions.


As a traffic exchange owner you will want traffic exchange software that has features that will produce an effective traffic exchange.  Such features may include a cheating feature.  Much software typically referred to as manual traffic exchange programs have an anti cheat mechanism that ensures the member is viewing the websites.


Software that provides a secure traffic exchange for both the member and the administration is a number one priority.


There will be certain features that you will want to look for in your traffic exchange software.  For the administration it will include such features as an online help, a guide for all parts of the traffic exchange, customization from administrative area, easy to install, upgrade scripts included for growth of traffic exchange, views shown, credits earned, view transaction log for all cash transaction setup, auto, manual to click setup, referral down line, unlimited memberships, paid to click ad packages, unlimited administration banners, membership levels, automatically expire upgraded members, unlimited member paid to click advertisements, abuse reports, easily suspend or activate a member account, cash withdraw requests, text ad management and many more.  The list of features that a traffic exchange owner will want to have included in their script is extensive.  It is not something with two or three features but something that should be well thought out as traffic exchanges grow rapidly and you want a script that will grow with you.


The traffic exchange owner will want to consider the following features for their members.


Online help, user friendly and clean menu for the members, area for member news and special announcements, allocate auto and/or manual credits to sites, surf bar random tuning numbers for manual surf bar, separate timer settings, PTC Ads, membership levels, cash earned view, cash withdrawal history log, view weekly stats, view daily stats, view down line, levels of down line, members of down line, easy account history, adjustable profile, buy/sell credits, cash surfing and games, contact support, website entries, and more.  Again, the list could go on for quite some time.  It is extremely important to cover all the basis and project where you want your traffic exchange to be in a year or two from now and analyze your traffic exchange script and the features that it offers.  Will it be sufficient in the future?


Being a traffic exchange owner will be one of the most rewarding Internet ventures you will have.  Aside from the fact that it can be very profitable you will be building a future among Internet marketers and gaining their respect.  You are offering a site which allows marketers to acquire thousands of hits to their web sites monthly.  With proper management and involvement you will begin to build a trust and following among marketers.  With the combination of good promotion and involvement with the members you traffic exchange will grow in popularity.  You will want to include weekly newsletters to your traffic exchange members keeping them up to date on any changes and contests or bits of information you find interesting.  Make certain not to throw a bunch of advertising out but to help them to build their businesses.  With this the other will eventually come.


You traffic exchange will grow quickly.  Be prepared and be willing to invest the time necessary for a smooth operation.  This will generate income that will grow in time and possibly produce you one of the biggest down lines and followings you have had on the Internet.

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