If your business serves local customers, having local SEO on your site is crucial.

Local SEO allows businesses to promote their wares specifically to local customers. Having local SEO also means that it’s consistent and regularly updated; don’t sit back and expect people to flock to your site. In order for your local efforts to be found on Google, your local goings-on should be posted consistently at a time when locals will likely be looking for your services.

Local SEO covers several different disciplines in internet marketing, including:

  • Link building
  • Keyword research
  • Content creation
  • Social media marketing.

Link building serves as the foundation to your local SEO efforts. Your SEO professional may recommend that your website trade links with other businesses in your city or town in order to boost your local presence online. This activity also gets positive marks from Google, which will increase your rankings for have earned links.

The keywords chosen by your SEO professional will be local-oriented and drive internet users to your local business. For instance, if you own a candy store in Pasadena, CA, a local keyword your SEO professional may target for your site would be “Pasadena candy store.”

Another important aspect of local SEO is creating local-friendly content on a regular basis. Keeping your own blog may be a good option for your company by writing about local content relevant to your business. Blogs that are regularly updated have been shown to drive local traffic to your site.

Your SEO professional will also work with you to make sure your business gets on local business listings and review websites. Getting on online business directories and the internet yellow pages will likely be one of the first measures your SEO professional will take in creating your local online presence. These listings will include your contact information and what types of services you offer. There are literally thousands of local business listings online, and your SEO professional will know which ones are best for your website.

Another part of local SEO is getting involved in social media marketing. Google+ is actually becoming a very business-friendly social media platform. Plus, Google will closely monitor your activity on Google+ as a vital consideration for your rankings. If you haven’t already, your SEO professional will recommend that you set up accounts with social media giants such as Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.

But local SEO doesn’t just happen online. As a business owner, you should also be getting involved in your community and getting your business’ good name out there. You can use social media to your advantage to announce live events or charity drives. Make an appearance at these events and meet your customers in person. Nothing replaces the lasting bond that results from human-to-human contact, which is why networking in-person in addition to online social networking is so important.

Sticky Web Media itself is a local Los Angeles SEO firm, so it can easily identify with your local business. The professionals at Sticky Web Media know all about the ins-and-outs of local SEO and local marketing, and will help your local business succeed in its marketing endeavors.