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Staff writer: Cecilia Caprarella

Date:  6/10/2009


Search Engine Optimization and Your Online Business Success


What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is the process of enhancing a website. Through the use of specific procedures, an SEO is able to link an internet user, searching online, with a particular website. The job of a creative SEO is to ensure a websites accessibility and exposure. There are two basic approaches to Search Engine optimization, one is the process of optimizing the website itself, and the second is building a campaign where high ranking related websites link to you.

A Los Angeles ranking is no different than a ranking in Boston since the internet has no borders; therefore geography plays no subsequent roll in ranking. It does play a role when it come to the internet user seeking a particular local entity, for example if an internet user is looking for an Internet Advertising firm in Los Angeles or a Los Angeles Website Marketing Agency then location is important in order to satisfy the users interest or need.


Why Seek out a Professional SEO?

There are several benefits that go hand in hand with seeking the help of a professional SEO. While we live in an era of “do-it- yourselfers” there are times, particularly when trying to build a successful online business, that reaching out to a creative, trained pro, could make difference between success and failure. While monetary investing is sometimes difficult, when you balance out the return on a specific investment, as with the service of an SEO, you may be surprised with the results.

Starting a business is hard enough; you can’t expect to know everything. Spreading yourself too thin makes you vulnerable to the pitfalls that sink most online ventures.

Designing a websiteis not as easy as it seems. Although the internet is loaded with tutorials and instructions on designing your own website, there is a key element to this process that is highly misunderstood by the “self web designer“. This brings us to optimization, which is the essence of an SEO. In order for a potential client to find your site on the internet, your website needs to be optimized, which is the process by which a search engine links the internet user, when searching for a particular product or service, to your site. The process of optimizing a web site is important when trying to obtain a high ranking on a search engine. Whether you design your own page or have a professional do it for you, at some point you will need optimization in order to achieve ranking, traffic and ultimately success.


How to attract potential client to your site?

A website is more than just a pretty page. Its content can insure exposure and exposure can insure traffic. Your goal, as a web entrepreneur, is to ensure Los Angeles rankings as well as web ranking around the globe.

In order to maintain a profitable online business you need traffic. A Search Engine Optimization expert can draw attention, therefore traffic to your website. Through a process of highly technical techniques, like backlinks, on-site optimization and content creation, just to name a few, an SEO can get your site ranked and noticed for potential clients.


Analyzing a websites success: is another important benefit of having an SEO on your team. These skilled professionals have the knowledge and tools needed to analyze and determine if the direction of your advertising campaign is headed in the right direction, and reaching your goals. There are software programs available for a web owner to keep track of this sort of information, the question then would be…what to do with the information? Having an SEO on top of this highly important aspect of your online business, not only keeps you updated on the success of your advertising campaign, but also allows you and your SEO to make the necessary changes to insure your success.

Time…Who has the time to learn everything? Becoming familiar with the process of Search Engine Optimization could end-up becoming a career in itself. Taking the time away from your own business to learn the ins and outs of this highly skilled profession can end up costing you your business.

Running an online business can be a rewarding venture. Turning a profit, may take a little more than a good idea. When deciding on web design, optimization and your web advertising needs please turn to an expert for advice. Meeting your goal is our business at StickyWebMedia.com

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