Los Angeles Advertising Agencies Are Taking Their Business to the Web

Staff Writer: Katrina Pallop

Date: July 27

The antiquated ideas about advertising and reaching a target audience are being turned on their ears by new technologies arising in social media and SEO related services. Los Angeles advertising agencies are catching on the new game, and revamping their business models in a big way.

The most responsive agencies to the new service available have, by far, been boutique agencies like Omelet and Blitz; smaller organizations with specific ideas about their clients and services. These red-hot businesses are finding themselves with more interesting clients beyond the big, outdated realms of radio and magazines. Even spaces like newspapers and television are not as exciting or practical as they used to be. Now, it’s all about the internet, not to mention smart phones and tablets.

Almost half of the nation’s televisions, at least home televisions, are set up with digital recording programs, which let consumers race right through commercials and back to their intended programming. This eliminates a huge portion of the reach of traditional advertising agencies Los Angeles. For many people, especially younger people, television is not even a media that is desirable to buy into. Younger generations are taking to the internet in droves to watch their favorite programs on tablets and even smart phones, rather than in the family living room.

In response to this exodus, many businesses, including top advertising agencies, are racing to create marketing strategies based on the web. From creating content that is fit for social media empires like Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter, to coming at commercial advertising with humorous Youtube-style videos, advertisers are quickly learning the tools of the online marketing trade in order to keep up with the changing base of consumers.

This huge surge in internet-related marketing is reaching new peaks even as we race to keep up. A decade ago, it would have been incredible for a company to spend something like $5 million is internet-based advertising. But today, that figure has expanded ten-fold. Now, instead of being subsidiary programs or complementary tactics, companies’ internet marketing presences are their top priority. This is because internet marketing is quickly replacing TV marketing as the best way to reach out to new customers the world over, regardless of age.

This isn’t to say that TV marketing has totally gone to greener pastures. There are still plenty of homes in the country that spend a good deal of time watching TV, even with the ads in homes that are not set up with recording devices. But while TV hangs on as a useful medium, much of the new generation of consumers are tired of TV’s limitations and much more interested in the web for their entertainment needs. So, while budgets for internet marketing go up exponentially, TV marketing budgets are plummeting to more reasonable levels.

Leading the charge of this evolution have been the top agencies based right in LA. With creative enterprises like TBWAChiatDay and Deutsch LA, small new upstarts are finding their footing in this shifting landscape and establishing themselves as key players in the evolution of internet marketing. It may be that the little guys come out on top in this particular case!

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