Los Angeles, California SEO consultant company is necessary to get you traffic.

Staff writer: Cecilia Caprarella

Date: 9/5/2009

Imagine the SEO company, in California, the one that has achieved recognition within the industry. Not hard to wrap your head around the fact that an SEO company in Los Angeles has both ends of the brain spectrum covered. On the one hand, we have the technical side of the brain that deals with facts, numbers and the ability to figure out probabilities, exactly what it takes to make for a great SEO provider. On the other side of the brain we have the artistic talent, the ability to see and communicate a feeling and image through use of color and shapes. Certainly, the tech mind and the artistic mind is readily found in this part of the world. SEO in Los Angeles provides the perfect balance between the two sides of the brain.

Many an SEO consultant, in Los Angeles, have seen an increase in business as the internet becomes a hopeful media in which to do business, while the real world sees a down spiral in business possibilities. The current economy has attracted many people to online ventures, understandably, rent is cheap.

When we consider that, with a good idea, anyone, with little to no investment, can become an  entrepreneur online. The real world is practically out of reach for most of us. And while the internet is still a vehicle to success, it definitely isn’t as easy as it was some ten years ago. The competition is fierce, everyone is attempting to achieve the same thing, ranking, traffic and exposure on search engines.

In today’s internet ventures an online business needs to have all its bases covered. It needs the technical know-how, to communicate and attract the attention of search engines, when an internet user is on the prowl looking for a particular product or service on line. And if that wasn’t hard enough, the online business also has to have a well targeted web design to maintain the interest of the internet user once the search engine introduces the site and the potential customer.

Lets simplify this concept of technical versus artistic format.


It is safe to say that there are two face to the internet, each one is as important as the other. Before the internet became a household name, a common everyday tool, it was strictly a technical medium to transmit information from one computer to another. As long as computers were able to transmit data, there was no need for design.  Imagine today’s internet without the human factor. Just data, being transmitted to your PC. Guaranteed… people would not spend hours on end sitting in front of their screens. Enter the element of web design, for human consumption.

A successful online business has to have both faces of the internet clearly defined, established and running like a fine tuned machine. We can say that the technical side is what speaks to search engines and the design element is what speaks to the internet user.

An SEO company in California is able to implement both of these concepts without a glitch. Most internet users have no idea what it takes to have a site of interest appear online when they are searching for something. An SEO company in Los Angeles has to optimize a website and practically speak two languages to satisfy the technical and the human side of the internet.

If your website is lost under the thousands of other sites of similar interest on a page result, you may want to review your search engine optimization strategy with an SEO in Los Angeles; these are the people that can make your site appear on the first ten top slots on a search engine result page. This is known in the industry as page rank.

Page rank can be compared to the location of your off line business. Certainly you’ve heard the saying, “Location, location, location.” In the business world this saying is the key to success. Considering that an internet user is much more likely to view websites that are displayed on the first result page a search engine provides, odds are that in order to have a successful web business it must rank on the first page result, particularly if search engine optimization is your main source of advertising, or promoting your business. If we compare this theory to a business in the real, a store owner chooses a location on a busy Avenue in the middle of town. That business owner depends on foot traffic for exposure. Same is true online, the business owner is on the first result page of a search engine and the traffic the search engine provides is what sustains that online venture. Rent on that real world business in the middle of town is going to be expensive, same is true when doing business on the internet, the difference is that what is going to cost you is SEO consultant provider in Los Angeles or Miami for that matter, but the return on investment will be evident.

Once the technical side of your website is in place, and the communication and command between the site and the search engine is running at 100%, one needs to make sure to have in place the human element in order to maintain the interest of the potential customer. Making sure that the design of the website is geared to a specific target audience, is as important as the technical aspect of a successful online business. Once the SEO process reels in the client the design of the site will either entice the customer to enter and browse the site or click out and on to the next website available.

This balance of tech and design is the true element to a successful business. One will not work without the other. A website owner needs to keep on top of the competition in order to maintain success. This is not a get rich quick venture, when you look at the magnitude of the internet, you can see that the percentage of highly successful site are not much more than a hand full. An online business takes patience, dedication and know-how. For all of your online business needs see us first at Stickywebmedia.com

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