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Staff Writer:  Cecilia Caprarella

Date:  6/20/2009



Before 1990, before Google introduced page rank, little attention was paid to SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Google’s Page Rank system revolutionized the way a site is now ranked and exposed on the World Wide Web.

With words like web, spiders, crawl one would think the topic was on a chapter pulled out of Charlotte’s Web. Yet when it refers to the internet, spiders crawl the web following links, indexing and categorizing pages based on their content and relevancy, to the search of interest of the internet user. These spiders crawl and find back links to your site. When these spiders identify the site as relevant the search engine exposes the website on a result page. And so “keyword, title tags and content” became the heart beat of any successful online business.


Why SEO is Important To Your Online Business


By late 2007, a study found that over 50% of traffic originated at a search engine. In the same year eMarketer, published its findings in a report indicating that over 20% of U.S. Internet users use a search engine a minimum of 4 to 5 times a day. The numbers are hard to visualize in its enormity. Imagine your site being visited by a fraction of that number. And to think it all comes down to the words you use. Words used by the internet user to find what they need, the search engine that process those words and link that user to a site of interest.

While all the fancy DHTML, flash, Frames etc. are all the rave, and are known to provoke an enjoyable experience for the site visitor, it is important to know that search engines are still unable to recognize them through their crawling system, although they are said to be close to a breakthrough. With this in mind, a site owner needs to have a well balanced SEO tactics before a site can be found and enjoyed by potential clients.


An SEO is knowledgeable in the use of targeted keywords. Words, after all are the fundamental link between an internet user, a search engine and an online business. Your SEO will find keywords that will most likely connect your site to a potential client when searching for something of interest. Say for example an internet user is looking for a local web optimizer; he/she may type in the search bar… SEO Los Angeles or SEO California, they may even use an abbreviation….SEO CA.  Once the internet user submits its request the search engine will search its enormous database for sites that contain these words, through content and meta keyword tags.

Search engines love keywords spread throughout content on any given webpage. Make sure the content is fresh, relevant and interesting to your target audience. Everything on the internet should work together. One complimenting the other in order for it to be the useful tool it was intended to be. It serves none’s interest to have a beautiful flashy site that cannot be found for lack of accessibility. On the other hand, it is just as useless to have a perfectly visible, accessible site, completely optimized, of no interest or relevance to the internet user. Imagine searching on line for SEO Services in California, the search engine displays a site and after you spend your time reading through the site you find out the company is in NY, not exactly what you were looking for.

Are You Investing Wisely on Your SEO marketing campaign?

Luckily, there are several ways to measure the effectiveness of a marketing campaign. While the internet has instilled a need for speed, an immediate gratification mentality amongst its users, it is important to know that an advertiser cannot expect instantaneous results. It can take several months to see the impact a campaign has had on your online business. Yet the ability to track a sites visit and what has attracted the visitor, is very crucial.

It is important to have the insight into how visitors find your site, whether through keyword search, back links or are users directly typing the sites url.  There are tools that can even track keywords people used on search engines that led them to your site.

Even When You Think You’re Done….

Guess again, even if you’ve implemented all your SEO business needs, and you’ve reached your marketing goal, there are still things that need to be done. The internet is always evolving, there’s always something or someone trying to take your page rank. Keeping up with new programs, tools and marketing strategies are of the up most importance to stay at the cutting edge. Marinating your site, updating your content, assuring its relevance and interest to your target audience is just some of the tasks that come with owning a successful online business.

If you let it go stale, you will find that your page ranking and profit will go that same route. Keeping up with your competitor, fighting to keep your position, accessibility and exposure will in turn make your online business a success.

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