Los Angeles Internet Marketing Firm Tips on How to Pin Expertly on Pinterest

Staff Writer: Carolyn Johnson

Date: 6.17.2012


As any Los Angeles internet marketing firm will tell you, the new social networking site Pinterest has grown insane amounts of traffic, with activity increasing by nine thousand percent in the past year alone. It is thus advisable that you and your brand get into Pinterest to promote your brand and get involved in the Pinterest community.

Pinterest is a great way to expose your brand to an ever-expanding community, letting users in on event marketing Los Angeles, among other things. As a Pinterest user, you’ll be able to organize your links, or “pins”, on different boards based on how you categorize them. Pinterest is also almost entirely image-based, with links you pin being associated with a thumbnail image.

The question you should ask yourself in using Pinterest is what to pin and how.

First, before you start pinning, make sure that you complete your profile. This includes uploading your brand image or picture onto your profile page, along with an “about you” comment section that truly is about you – and not something you would post on a formal corporate site.

Pinterest has a personal flare that allows you to show your truer self, so feel free to write in a way that’s more personal and appeals to other Pinterest members. Your “about you” section shouldn’t be so transparent, however, that it is clearly trying to sell to the user. A little personality goes a long way.

Recent changes in Pinterest allow you to further personalize each board, so take advantage of them. Pinterest now allows you to personalize each board with one large image, followed by smaller thumbnail images for your pins. Add images according to how to categorize each board. If you don’t plan on using Pinterest regularly, set up a few boards with just a few solid pins so that it doesn’t require constant maintenance. If you do plan on updating your Pinterest regularly, on the other hand, keep a few open boards that you can regularly update, in addition to the finished boards you already have.

Make sure to pin responsibly. If the source you are pinning is different from your own, acknowledge the source.

As a brand, you should also try to rank high on Pinterest searches. Although a search engine optimization firm Los Angeles could tell you about the process in which they optimize your website, the process of optimizing your Pinterest account is tougher to determine. Exactly how pinners get ranked on Pinterest is still a bit of a mystery, the answer seems to lie in a combination of most recent uploaded images and popular keywords attached to it. This is why updating regularly is so important. You can also add your pin to the Pinterest Gifts section by adding a $ sign in the comment field.

You can also pin your email campaigns to your account to allow other Pinterest users to subscribe to your email newsletters.

The final bit of advice is to remember that Pinterest is not a one-way marketing street – it’s a community. That means shameless self-promotion doesn’t usually wear well on Pinterest. Get involved in the community and “like,” repin, and comment on other user’s pins.  By using Pintrest effectively, you can stand out to your consumers in a new and visually compelling way.

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