Los Angeles Internet Marketing Lessons on How to Use Mobile Barcode Marketing Effectively

Staff Writer: Carolyn Johnson

Date: 6.15.2012


Many a Los Angeles Internet marketing company recognizes the power that mobile barcode marketing campaigns have in reaching consumers directly. Barcodes are placed on a great deal of products, including magazine covers and television screens. Although barcodes are great devices, it is important not to forego direct consumer interaction in favor of letting barcodes do all the work for us.

Barcodes derive their value by linking the physical world with the digital world. Smartphone users have often scanned a quick-response barcode, yet how much of this technology is understood is questionable; it is often beyond the regular smartphone user. Thus, your barcode campaign must remain as just one part of a larger marketing campaign, else your barcode campaign be passed off as a gimmick.

It is also important that you make sure to include the barcode campaign in a context that is relevant. Barcodes may be appropriate on certain digital channels, but not all. There are several other factors that contribute to a successful barcode campaign.

SEO Marketing Los Angeles companies know that, much of the time, barcodes look like strange little black and white boxes that seem inaccessible to the common user. Even smartphone users most accustomed to using quick response barcode could occasionally use a reminder as to how to use them. Be sure to include instructions on how to scan the barcode, as well as the incentive – even if it’s just a hint – that comes with scanning the code.

It would add more to the campaign if you gave your consumers an incentive for taking the time to scan the barcode. The incentive can come in the form of coupons and discounts, videos or placement in a sweepstakes, or invitations to special VIP events. Any exclusive content and incentive you offer will likely encourage the consumer to scan again.

When using a barcode campaign, make sure it is strategically placed within your larger marketing campaign. It’s important to integrate your barcode tightly across your campaign where it counts.

When evaluating your barcode, check the security. Make sure the security is top notch so hackers can’t get into the barcode and redirect it to content other than your own. Any search engine marketing company Los Angeles will tell you that security makes all the difference.

Make sure you take your time in choose the best barcode generator for your purposes. Although many emerging barcode generators make the creation of barcodes very easy, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are the best barcodes. Look up the barcode generator’s update capabilities and other analytics. Most generators will offer scan details and statistics, even including demographic details if the marketer is granted permission.

The last bit of advice for marketers looking into barcode campaigns is to treat your costumers with respect. This should be a no-brainer, yet it can sometimes be easy to forget your target audience in the midst of learning the latest exciting marketing tools. Consider first whether your target demographic will be likely to know or learn how to use barcodes.

Almost half of all American adults are using smartphones (and that number is still growing!), so it shouldn’t be at all surprising that barcodes are emerging as a large part of a marketing campaign. Barcodes, when used successfully and when taking the needs of your consumers into account, can bridge the gap between consumers and brands on both a digital and physical plane.

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