Los Angeles Marketing Agencies Watch as Yahoo Suffers for Eight Consecutive Months

Staff Writer:  Greta Frusha

Date: 7.16.12

In April 2012, Yahoo was still showing a decline in their share of the U.S search engine market according to comScore.   Any Los Angeles marketing agency will be watching to see if this slump for Yahoo continues.

Yahoo’s search share fell to 13.5 percent which was down from March’s 13.7 percent.  Both percentages were all time lows for Yahoo.  At this time last year, their search market shares stood at 15.9 percent.  Yahoo can take heart because Experian Hitwise paints a more positive spin on their report.  Experian Hitwise showed that according to their figures Yahoo had both monthly and year-over-year gains.  Experian Hitwise shows Yahoo at 15.69 percent of search shares in April which is up from 14.99 percent in March.

Bing has increased in its search market share.  Bing, who has partnered with Yahoo to power the organic and paid search results, upped its shares from 15.3 percent in March to 15.4 percent according to comScore’s figures.  Experian Hitwise reports that it went from 13.49 percent in March to 14.32 percent in April. This gain could generate hope in the Los Angeles marketing world that Yahoo will be affected by any more gains by Bing.

Bing has held on to the 30 percent through its Bing powered search since March of 2011.  Unfortunately for Bing, their 30 percent is nowhere near Google’s dominating 68.7 percent.  Filling out the percentages is AOL and Ask.  Aol held at 1.6 percent in April.  Ask held steady at 3 percent.

“Explicit core” results numbered around 17.1 billion in April which was down from 18.4 billion in March.  Once again, Google ranked number one with 11.4 billion searches.  This was down from 12.2 billion in March.  Bing came in next with 2.6 billion, which was also down from March when they had 2.5 billion searches.  Yahoo had 2.3 billion searches down from March’s total of 2.5 billion.  Ask had 511 million searches in April, down from 555 million.  AOL’s April search total was 271 million, down from March’s 285 million.

Hitwise reported on the percentages of clicks that were broken down by the number of search keywords.  The longer queries that were five to eight words increased by two percent in April.  March saw an increase of 19 percent with the one word searches.  This increase of one word searches were in part due to the rise of smartphones and mobile searches.

ComScore’s qsearch is a comprehensive view of search data.  It captures search behavior data  to measure a more complete portrait of consumer search activity.  The qSearch tries to answer questions about how large the search market is and how it is changing.  It benchmarks search engines performance and compares it to the other search engines on the internet.  With this tool, the internet marketing agencies world over can keep up to date on the big three search engines in month to month reports.  All eyes will be watching Yahoo to see how they are planning to pull out of this slump.

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