Los Angeles Marketing Companies Build Links from Scratch

Staff Writer:  Greta Frusha

Date: 7.25.12



Los Angeles marketing companies webmasters are deciding that building links from scratch is the way to go to keep from having their sites knocked out by Google Penguin.  Many of them are wondering how to formulate a link plan that will bring them back to where they were ranked before.   Los Angeles online marketing and site owners are doing a mad scramble to clean up link messes after receiving warning from Penguin or to just be cautious.


So is there a template out there for links?  Perhaps there is and to get started there are two free systems that are worth looking at.  One is Google’s Webmaster Tools and Analytics.  Some may argue that giving Google too much information could be a bad thing.  If site owners plan on counting on Google for anything, they need to be in synch with how Google views their site.  There are other free alternatives to Google’s analytics platform, but this one is the best.


Google’s tools give site owners the two critical pieces of information that is needed to build links.  The tools give the site owners information about who is coming to the site and where they are coming from.  Analytics is customizable and paired with Dashboards; one can easily create a quick view showing the data that is being watched as links are being built.


There are many types of links to use.  After choosing what links to make for a website a plan can be put in place.  The first wave of links contain business listings, local links, resource links, social media profile links, guest post links, and begged for links.  The second wave includes a good directory listing like BOTW and more of the links listed for the first wave.  The third wave includes an infographic and a few image links, plus the same continuation of the first wave links.


How are links obtained?  Through social media promotion of the website, sending content to bloggers and webmasters, asking for links, and guest posting, just to name a few.  There are other ways like picking up the phone to actually talk to someone to get a link.  Finding sources to pursue takes old fashioned manual discovery at times, but there are other ways to go about finding sources.  There are tools that generate search queries to use and a favorite is Solo SEO’s Link search Tool.  Or keywords can be entered into the search engine of choice.


Competitive analysis is not usually the best way to build a link profile.  While useful in showing patterns or giving an idea of where to start, it is best to remember that in any backlink profile that has been around for a while there can be a lot of junk.  No one wants to spend time trying to get tons of sitewides from article distributions because your competitor has lots of them.


It is not that hard to get the kind of links that Google Penguin wants, it is a matter of doing it right.

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