Los Angeles Marketing Firms Know Nothing is More Important than Making a Great Tagline for Your Brand’s Marketing Campaign

Staff Writer: Carolyn Johnson

Date: 6.05.2012


Top advertising agencies in Los Angeles know the value of a great tagline. A tagline or slogan is a sentence or a few words that concisely describe your brand. A great tagline positions your company at a level that ideally brings the customer closer and sets your brand apart from the rest.

The best of the best taglines are so familiar that the very mention of them reminds customers of the brand name without the brand name even being mentioned. Marketing companies in Los Angeles think of the best and most famous taglines in modern times, such as “Just Do It,” “The Quick Picker-Upper,” “Breakfast of Champions,” “I’m Lovin’ It,” “Got Milk?” and “A Diamond is Forever.” You probably know the brand each of those taglines represent (Nike, Bounty, Wheaties, McDonalads, California Milk Processor Board, and DeBeers respectively).

A great tagline or slogan essentially puts your brand in a position to state their mission very briefly. A slogan also puts you apart from your competition. The tagline must also be very clear about what product it is defining.

The test of a good tagline is if it wouldn’t make sense when used on for a competitive brand. For example, a recent tagline for the soda 7-UP was “The Uncola.” This tagline made the brand distinct from the rest of the sodas and colas out there. Also, it was memorable.

Avis is also a good example of being different and unique all on its own, in describing itself as “the No. 2 rental car company.” The tagline communicates with a customer even if the brand itself is especially bad at communicating its identity to its customers. Taglines are also handy in targeting a particular audience.

Simply looking for a catchy tagline isn’t enough. A tagline that’s catchy alone can be easily forgotten if it also doesn’t easily tie in with the brand’s identity, as well as the identity of the targeted audience. The very best taglines are short and memorable, yet also get an important brand message across. Very few great taglines are longer than ten words.

So how to do come up with a great tagline? Los Angeles marketing firms often ask vital questions about their brand. First, define the positioning of the brand.

Ask the brand how they see themselves, their products and their ideal clientele. What makes this brand differ from others? Why would customers stray to this brand and not to others? In terms of ideal customers, ask who the target audience is and how the brand can meet their needs, which have been previously unmet. Finally, what does this brand represent? What image should leap to a customers mind when they think about this brand? What is so appealing about this brand’s product apart from others? Talk with satisfied customers of the brand and hear what they say for inspiration on the best tagline.

When brainstorming taglines, you will likely come up with a list of several solid ones that sound good to the ears. However, how do you know which one is “the one”? Give yourself a number of criteria in order to sift through different taglines to reach the winning one.

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