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Staff writer: Cecilia Caprarella

Date: 6/1/2009


What Makes the Internet Click

For all of its technology and mystery, the internet’s success is based mainly on the use of words. Words are the essential components that connect the internet user, searching for a particular product or service, to the search engines that process those words and quickly searches and reveal websites that contain the words searched onto a search engine result page. SEO  (Search Engine Optimization) is the unique process by which skilled professionals use and place words and codes, that are captured and read by search engines in order to make the internet a functional tool.

Most things printed online are ads.

While the internet is loaded with articles, and instructional tutorials on how to run a successful online business…. one must also keep in mind that most of the articles or content written online are also ads. This is not to say that the articles and information shared on the web is not of importance and useful to its reader. Yet, when online, you should know that everyone is trying to sell or promote one thing or another. How a particular site goes about doing this can make or break them. The way it works is quite interesting, and more importantly, it is crucial when trying to maintain quality and establish popularity on the World Wide Web. Content needs to be informative, interesting and not read like an ad in order for it to be successful. Unlike its counterpart, such as an ad in a magazine, or other print media, that is clearly identifiable as an advertisement, the internet marketing world can promote a product or service with the use of content writing without ever being detected as such.


A Closer Look At the Use of Words as an advertising, promotional tool.

If an internet user is looking for a Los Angeles Online Advertising agency, or a Los Angeles internet company the searcher would type this, or maybe something like Los Angeles media on the search tab and the search engine would go through the thousands of websites that contain those words in order to link their customer to you. Maintaining relevance to key words or phrases and sharing information sought, could in turn establish your site a reputable, and therefore create popularity and attract traffic and potential clients.

Everyone is a client online. And the savvier everyone gets on the use of the internet, the higher the expectation. The internet user is demanding the search engines, speed and accuracy in relevance while searching the World Wide Web; the web owner is demanding the search engine the ability of popularity and a spot on the top of the first page of their result to the internet user. And the search engine is looking to the web owners to maintain an established etiquette, to preserve its integrity.

Let’s not feel too sorry for all the demands placed on search engines like Yahoo! Google or MSN to name a few. While it would seem that the search engines are caught in the middle between of the online business and the internet users seeking them out, we also need to remember that the search engines are the ones running the show.


Going back to the simple use of words, and their tremendous impact on this media. Words have become a new business, there are people, specialized in the use and placement of words, using them as road maps to guide potential customers to a particular site. We could go as far as saying it’s become…. the war of words.  SEOs have mastered this war on words bidding for keywords available for use on search engines. The role of an SEO is not limited to key words and phrases or the language that goes behind the sense of a webpage. An SEO needs to have a grasp on the target audience a website needs… and wants to attract.

How words are used to qualify a website as relevant to an internet user is under strict scrutiny by search engines. The use of trickery (over use of unrelated key words) to attract visitors to a sight is highly frowned upon. It is so discouraged that a search engine has the power, and will, delete the abusive site form the internet. This is to insure that a search engines client (the internet user) has a good experience online. Say for instance an internet user is looking for an online marketing firm based out of Los Angeles, Let’s say the searcher types… Los Angeles Marketing Internet the search engine would come as close as possible to the  key words, even if their use may be out of order, and generate sites of possible interest. The site using those words must make sure those key words are used in an informational way and that the internet user doesn’t feel that they have wasted their time.

Running an online business can be a rewarding venture. There are basic concepts that any web owner should be aware of.

Internet etiquette, compiling with the rules and regulation established by search engines to protect the quality and experience of online visitors, and to comply with established laws to protect against illegal activity.

There are other aspects of this unique business setting that are key to a successful online business.

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