Los Angeles SEO Firm Knows how to Properly Use Google

Staff Writer: Jessica Rennie

Date: 7.16.2012


A little over five years ago, Google made a slight change to its site that would forever change the keywords you had to type in to the search engine bar.  They called it the “Universal Search” system.  This new system altered what kind of results would show up on the search engine results page.


The Universal Search system would give a combination of results to a searchers query through a mixture of videos, images, and news results.  This took out the need for a searcher to type the keywords “video” or “image” after the type of video or image they were looking for.  The Universal Search also took out the need for a searcher to type in “Laundromat Chicago IL” with its ability to know your location already.


So, a searcher had to only type in “Laundromat” and automatically get listings of Laundromats in the area.  This change made searching better because it was giving the searcher better results by already guessing that you were looking for Laundromats in the area.


Now, Google is making another update to give searchers better results.  This time, Google changed its search engine algorithm.  Before this update, the algorithm merely looked for the keywords to match articles.  With the new algorithm, known affectionately as Penguin, it looks at the type of content as well.


This greatly affected some websites’ rankings on Google as their web design Los Angeles were purely for marketing and they contained low quality content and spam links.  Sites like these, with the spam links and bad content, were the main reason why Google updated the algorithm.  Google wanted to give searchers the best results that were out there and the old algorithm could not differentiate between good and bad website content.


The new algorithm is affecting a lot of Los Angeles SEO firm companies as they try to use Google as a marketing tool.  When SEO is used properly, Google can be an accommodating place.  But when SEO companies utilize SEO in a way that provide low quality articles and blog posts that clog up Google searches, Google fights back with a new algorithm that bypasses these sites completely.  When you want Google to help market a site, you have to play by their rules.


Not all SEO companies are bad, though.  Some know how to work SEO without trying too hard.  These local SEO Los Angeles companies know that you need a balance between keywords and links.  They also know that you need high quality content.  Because these companies were already following these rules, the updated algorithm had less of an effect on their rankings.


Google has changed a lot from when it first started almost two decades ago.  Whether it is a new location device or an updated algorithm, Google is constantly changing to make the site better for all Google users.  The site wants to be the best search engine out there and it makes changes so that it can provide the best results the first time.

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