Los Angeles Website Design Tips

Staff Writer: Jessica Rennie

Date: 8.5.2012


Simply creating a website is not going to cut it.  There are millions of sites out there and if you want yours to get noticed and then for viewers to keep coming back, you will want a great website design.  But it is not just the visual design that matters here; you also need usability and utility in your web design.  These two can determine the success or failure of your website.  Let’s discuss the main principles, heuristics, and best approaches for creating the best and most successful web design so that you can give your users the best site possible.

Before getting started in the Los Angeles website design, you need to think about how users like to interact with a website.  Basically, how do Internet users think?  If your site is for an online business, you can think about how people act in a store.  In a store, a customer is not going to notice every little detail at first.  There has to be something to draw the eye – like a sign – to catch the interest.  Then, you have the smaller display with the prices or the deals.  The way a customer acts in a store is very similar to the viewing habits on a website.

Tips to Keep In Mind for your Los Angeles Web Design:

  • The webpage should be obvious and self explanatory.  Users should not have to search for answers to understand what you are talking about.
  • If your site requires the user to fill out information, keep it short and fast.  Users are typically impatient to actually get to the site and do not want to spend more time filling out forms than they do in using the site.
  • Avoid long text blocks without images or keywords that are in bold or italics; they will hardly be read.
  • Keep it simple and get to the point.  For example, if an account must be created, use “sign up” instead of “start now!” or “explore our services”; there will be less confusion.
  • Simple graphics or patterns are effective in grabbing a user’s attention towards a certain area of the web page.
  • Guide users through the website with large buttons, visual effects, or 1-2-3-done steps.  These guidelines are simple and user-friendly.
  • Use a design that clearly outlines what functions are available.
  • Remember that you do not have to fill every space on the page.  Having white space is not a bad thing; in fact, it is better because the user will not be overwhelmed with information.
  • Make sure the site is organized with consistency, screen layout, and navigability.
  • And most importantly: Test your site when you think it is done.

Some of these tips may be obvious but all of them will lead to a successful site that viewers will want to keep going back to.  Anything less than a well designed website will lead to failure no matter how much you utilize internet marketing.  You can lead Internet users to your site with internet marketing but you cannot make them stay there if the website’s design is not well done.

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