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Staff Writer: Cecilia Caprarella

Date: 6/29/2009

When running an online business, just think traffic, traffic, traffic. With this concept in mind, let’s take a closer look a web design and marketing strategies.

A business owner can have a fabulous storefront; with the most exclusive merchandise money could buy. This same entrepreneur can plaster colored sales signs and hang balloons, yet if there’s no Traffic, his efforts, investment and possibly his business would go down the drain. Picture this same business, with the same merchandize and beautiful store front on Main Street, in any given city throughout the world, with high traffic, the outcome would be completely different. We’ve come full circle, your online business has to be on Main St.

These days anyone can design a webpage. In fact, if you could follow a few easy steps you could do it yourself, and make it look quite professional. Who would find it online… may be another thing all together. If you think of your website as a storefront, your “location” online is determined by search engines. How to get your website on the first page of any given search engine and ranked as high as possible takes some knowledge.

Luckily, there are professionals, who know the ins and outs of this type of business placement that can help you expose your business to the world.

There are Los Angeles based SEO firms that are highly skilled in this field.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is your ticket to the Main St. on the World Wide Web. These professionals are instrumental in the success of an online business. If there is a budget attached to your venture this may be the place to invest.

As with any business, online or off, location can make or break a you. When dealing with customers online it is important to be familiar with the mindset of these types of client verses a real world customer.

Online clients are looking for continence and speed (to the point). Most will not search page after page looking for what they want. That’s why “top rank” on a search engine is crucial, Through the use of key words and phrases an experienced SEO can take your website (i.e. livelihood) and expose it to thousands of potential customers. And thousands of potential customers equals revenues. No matter the product or service you offer, nor the money and time you spend in perfecting your webpage, the truth of the matter is…  traffic is the only sure fire way to earn a substantial income online.

If you’re not the “do-it-yourself” type of person, and you decide to hire someone to design your website, make sure they know what they’re doing. For all the bells and whistles and flash of graphics a website may have, it will not do you any good without the right SEO strategy to back it up. There are Los Angeles SEO’s  that are all inclusive, taking all aspects of an advertising and marketing campaign into account.

When searching for the right web designer, you have to be proactive. Arm yourself with pertinent information. Know what your goal is, and have an idea of how your web designer is suppose to get you there.

Ask questions. Make sure you know the answer. You don’t have to be an expert you just need to have a clear understanding of where you’re going and how you’re going to get there. Sure you want the beautiful, flashy store front (website), but does your web designer know how to get you noticed? Do they work with a reputable SEO? Do they work hand in hand with an advertising agency or do they know to market your site for the world to see? How are they going to track your success or lack thereof?

In other words, it takes a team of experts to make your business a success online. There are intricate aspects to a profitable web business. You need to be the boss… and as such, you need to know what works and what doesn’t. Tracking the success of your venture is essential.

That’s the beauty of an online business, if something isn’t working, you just change it. If your budget is tighter than a drum you start on the wrong side of the tracks and work your way up. You can start a business with little to no investment. You can carry a tangible inventory or not. Yes that’s what I said…

Where else, but on the World Wide Web, can you make money without gambling the family inheritance? Tap into your talents and your passions, surround yourself with people that know the ins and outs of the internet world, before you know it, you too can be in business.

If your going to do it, do it right. Use every tool available to become familiar with online business. Visit the major search engines, Google, Yahoo!, MSN all of which offer free information to help you get started. Their counting on it… all the way to the bank. So can you.

Like the famous line, on the well known movie… “If you build it they will come.” Just keep in mind that in the cyber world you not only have to build it, you need to get it placed, ranked on, or as close to, top of the page of a major search engine. Whether you contact a Los Angeles based SEO or one on the other side of the globe, keep informed, know what your goal is and make sure they know how to get you there.

For this you may want to contact an SEO professional

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