Manual and autosurf traffic exchange stes for building hits.

Erin Kilgour, Staff Writer, 8-22-2009

As the demand for quality website traffic increases, it has become a very lucrative position for traffic exchanges to get memberships. The traffic exchanges work by allowing registered members to browse through other members sites and earn credits according to which their own sites are viewed by other members. This visibly increases the target traffic to your sites how some of them are manual which makes it difficult for traffic exchanges to attract memberships. As an appropriate solution to this auto traffic exchanges have been introduced which makes it unnecessary for the members to manually click on each and every site. The different types of traffic exchange sites are auto traffic exchanges, autosurf traffic exchanges and start exchanges. An auto traffic exchange has timer set in that rotates the registered sites so that there is automatic viewing by the browser. The quality of targeted traffic with auto traffic exchanges is quite low but being cheaper you can earn more credits through these as you do not need to manually click on the sites and can use your time more fruitfully. There are some criteria to consider while going for traffic exchanges.  Choose one that has anti-cheat functions so that eventually you can get some target oriented traffic as for traffic exchanges that to not have these, you may as well choose others. In the autosurf traffic exchanges once the member logs into their account, anther window opens up which surfs the sites on its own and has a timer running. Once the timer comes to zero, you need to click again to keep the program activated. However some websites may have anti-cheat protection put on to keep such automated autosurf traffic exchanges at bay. The quality through these types of traffic exchanges is better but the time consumed as a browser would be more. Autosurf Traffic Exchanges are fast gaining popularity for various reasons. For one, a registeringwebmaster does not have to manually click on each and every site to gain the credits or for his or her sites to be viewed and clicked by someone else. Further some of the auto traffic exchanges can beput on overnight while others will keep it checking and running for you. Most of the autosurf traffic exchanges are free to join while you can avail some benefits with upgraded membership.


The last type of traffic exchange is the start exchange wherein the homepage is set to a specific website. This website is programmed to earn credits as soon as the browser is put on. This kind of exchange has really good quality traffic results as people are actually browsing through your site.


There are set rules for traffic exchanges on the type of sites joined. The first and foremost rule is that the number of popups is limited while some exchanges may not allow pops at all. Websites containing adult material should register only with adult traffic exchanges, the other exchanges will forbid entry. All content displayed should be legal, illegal content sites like pirated software, child pornography are not allowed by any traffic exchange. There are other ways of earning credits too. You can refer the traffic exchange site to your friends and affiliates and when they register you will earn considerable amount of credits. You also add the referral link of one traffic exchange within the sites of other exchanges to create down-lines or attract referrals. Some exchanges allow you to specify the interest of your site so that only particular visitors are allowed, creating quality target traffic. These are especially good if you are introducing a product or service to the market and want to test waters. Certain traffic exchanges may also allow buying of credits through PayPal, E-Gold and other such services. The rates of each exchange differ and hence it is wise to compare before buying. The other services provided by traffic exchanges are the safe lists. Here you need to subscribe for the list through which you will receive offers on your email from other registered members. Safe list has two options – the premium and free users. Free users can send offers to only few members once in a couple of days while premium or paid members have other benefits. They get to send an email to all the listed members of the exchange. The best part of safe list is it is not considered spamming and members get to advertise their site to the maximum number of people.


A few of the top exchange sites are Easy Hits 4U, Traffic Swarm, Hit2Hit, TraffcG, Gastfreeway, Traffic Meet, Webmaster Quest, TS25, Wolf Surfer, Advertising Knowhow. The best way to make use of these traffic exchanges are to register in at least two of them and then keep plugging till you have created a considerable downline or credit. Jumping through various traffic exchange programs may not help you create a considerable credit or downline thus minimizing the benefits of having registered in the exchange. If you are able to find a niche market within the traffic exchanges even the better as you will get targeted traffic almost free. Automating your clicks through auto traffic exchange or autosurf traffic exchange helps you to get more credits in less number of times. You can also make good use of the people visiting your site through these exchanges. Keep the design of your page simple without any images or jokes or music. Keep as much of text as possible and have a RSS to your main website. You can have sign up forms that are simple with just maybe the name and the email id. People will be more interested in clicking on such sites than have to read through a lot of the material. When clicked on your RSS, it should open in a new window. If you have any offers that you think are really interesting, have teasers in your homepage. Also place in a opt-in form along with recommendations. Offers and teasers can really be creative to attract more number of visitors. Your affiliate program will be the best guide in this issue.

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