Marketing agencies in Los Angeles: 6 Critical Action Items to Push Converged Media Imperative

Staff Writer:  Greta Frusha


Date: 7.30.12


Recently Altimeter Group published ‘The Converged Media Imperative’, which delves into how paid, owned, and earned media can come together with disruptive results in digital marketing strategies.  By definition, converged media is representative of utilizing two or more channels of paid, owned, or earned media that work together to reach target audiences no matter what channel, medium, or device is used.


Paid media is seen as display or broadcast advertising.  This would be the PPC, sponsorships, etc.  Owned media are websites, blogs, etc.: content assets are owned completely by the brand the website or blog represents.  Earned media are organic reviews, shares, or social media posts, and are user-generated content that is created or shared by users.  B2B search engine marketers of marketing agencies Los Angeles should strive to be at the front of the converged media movement since it embraces along with enhancing best practices and opportunities within SEO.


There are 6 critical actions that B2B SEOs need to consider to move to the forefront of converged media.  SEO results enhance almost all marketing agencies Los Angeles marketing initiatives which give greater impact over a long term.  Ways that SEO positively impacts organizations are videos and webcast optimization that include link acquisition, keyword research, development, and optimization.  Microsite development impacts are: keyword optimization, implementation of on-page/on site SEO best practices, and link outreach.  Blog post development includes link acquisition through blogger outreach, keyword research, on page or post keyword optimization.


Because of the indexing of assets and acquisition of links, it can be a challenge to tie SEO initiatives to immediate results.  That makes it tempting to dismiss SEO and cave under the pressure to produce short term lead generation results.  PPC gets immediate results in traffic, conversion rates, and cost per action metrics.  B2B SEO teams should utilize coordination with PPC management reporting metrics to find best performing keyword phrases for organic targeting.


A win-win situation for B2B SEO and social media is building quality links through participation of social media.  B2B SEOs and social media teams should work together  to build effective blogger relationships; in turn building quality links.


Make sure that certain conversion actions are clearly defined while reviewing content marketing assets for SEO campaigns.  The better call-to-action optimization includes evaluation of form requirements in association with content marketing assets.  Test landing page layouts and optimize for keyword strategies to increase conversion rates.  Marketing agencies Los Angeles should consider using secondary call-to-action to increase awareness of social media profiles, email newsletter subscriptions, and visibility of related content marketing assets.


‘Understanding the flow’ of the digital consumer is another key element.  Proactive reporting in web traffic tools helps to establish patterns of success or improvement of digital marketing initiatives, such as visitor flow reports, page views in coordination with traffic sources, and establishing goals and event triggers along with measuring conversion rates in coordination with all of these actions.


Motivate by celebrating!  Celebrate small wins and keep attitudes positive.  A search marketer’s job becomes more complex while it evolves and as technologies and marketing become integrated B2B SEO connects strategy for marketing agencies Los Angeles.

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