Marketing Companies in Los Angeles Offer Advice on What You Need to Know About Google Rankings

Staff Writer: Carolyn Johnson

Date: 6.06.2012


So you’re a marketer who has created a brilliant name for a brand, making your clients very happy. Hold off on your celebrations. Marketing companies in Los Angeles know that, when you’re done creating that perfect name for a brand, you’re not done yet. One of the final parts of naming is making sure the name ranks on popular search engines such as Google and Bing.

Search engine optimization is a key element that businesses should think about in getting further exposure, and is encouraged by marketing agencies Los Angeles. Marketing firms will sometimes hire search engine optimization consultants or experts to help their business rank high on a search engine’s first page. After naming your brand, there are several key facts you should know about the ranking of names – and Google’s in particular, it being one of the most popular search engines in this day in age.

You should understand that your brand name may very well be Googled even if your business is not up online yet. One fact you should know is that Google search results leave very little room for interpretation. For one word, search engines choose from a variety of interpretations of the word, based on what a regular Web searcher would most likely be searching for.

For instance, a person typing in “Windows” into a search engine will most likely want to have questions answered on Microsoft Windows, as opposed to glass pane windows. Thus, results for Microsoft Windows will be a more dominant search than that of glass pane windows. When an Internet user’s intent is not clear and a search keyword contains several meanings, Google won’t suggest several different interpretations, but the first page will be dominated by just one meaning.

Because of how Google picks which words dominate a page, you should make sure your new brand name doesn’t have any other very obvious interpretations that will be dominated. Run a search of your brand name word and see if the page is dominated by a specific interpretation of the word. If it is, you may want to go back to the drawing board. If you want to rank in the first page, you don’t want your name to be dominated by another brand or interpretation. For example, if your brand has the name “apple” in it, it will be dominated by Apple company computers, as is well known by advertising agencies Los Angeles CA. Los Angeles is a boon town for advertising and marketing agencies, many of which know well about search engine optimization.

When a keyword doesn’t have a dominant result, Google will usually choose the most likely result, but not always. A minor interpretation may sometimes champion common interpretation. If the minor interpretation is a brand name, it could in fact rank higher than the more common interpretation. In this case, Google almost seems to favor keywords associated with brand names over those that have a more common definition.

Getting a unique brand name is one of the most important aspects of ranking high on Google results. Sticking your own name and brand together could help bump you up the rankings. Even if your name is very common, having it be associated with a brand name that’s unique will be helpful. For example, David Johnson is a common name, but an uncommon search query exists when combined with his brand name, for instance: “David Johnson Gibraltar Dolphin Company.”

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