Marketing Company Los Angeles Advice on How to Troubleshoot Google Adwords

Staff Writer: Carolyn Johnson

Date: 6.07.2012


Marketers and experts at any Los Angeles advertising company will tell you of the value of Google Adwords. Google Adwords is the flagship program for Google’s advertising campaign, where you can choose where your business’ ads appear in Google search results. Google Adwords is thus a valuable tool for any marketing firm Los Angeles. Marketers, however, may not be aware that even the best marketers may not know how to use Google Adwords to its full effect. As a matter of fact, the default views provided by the application may not be enough to reap the best results for you and your clients.

First, try the device segmenting option. This option takes a look at your cost per click based on the different types of devices consumers use to click on your ad. Tablets with full browsers, mobile devices with full browsers, computers and “others” are all categories that are filed under devices. This is actually an important consideration that is very much under used. Mobile and tablet users will likely experience your site differently from computer users. If you see poor traffic coming from mobile users, you may want to limit or altogether eliminate the ad space used on mobile devices, or you can create a separate mobile campaign to cater to mobile and tablet users.

Other metrics you can look at and segment are the “day of week” and “hour of day” segments. These metrics will help you identify what day of the week or hour of the day are the highest performing for your ad. You can also identify and underperforming outliers and continually improve on those outliers. You can also choose to not target underperforming times.

You can also spot underperforming moments in your ad space by geographical segmenting, as professed by any marketing company Los Angeles. This tool can allow you to spot underperforming regions. Go to the dimensions tab, go to “geographic segmentation,” and use the data map for a quick overview of the best and worst performing regions for your ad. It would be advisable to exclude the worst performing regions from your ad campaign.

Another feature on Google Adwords that is relatively under used and underrated is the segmentation by URL feature. This allows you to discover any possible issues you might have with your URLs that disallow consumers from visiting your ad. These errors are something you may not otherwise be privy to. This feature will allow you to check which links are going to which landing pages, and compare mobile links with computer links. It will also show you which of your links are the most under performing.

Finally, another feature that shouldn’t be missed is the Adwords Grader. The Adwords Graders is a PPC auditing tool that offers a valuable overall evaluation, including notes of errors and issues that offer you the opportunity to improve and tweak troublesome areas in your advertising campaign. The Grader evaluates your campaign on various levels, including:  quality score, click-through rate, long-tail keyword optimization, account activities, landing page optimization, ad-text optimization and use of negative keywords.

As an SEO professional, Google Adwords will likely be a vital part of your optimization toolbox, yet you may not be getting all the services you can out of it. By studying all of Adwords features, you can save both time and money.

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