Marketing Consultant Los Angeles Tips on Building a Better Blog

Staff Writer: Carolyn Johnson

Date: 6.17.2012


Whether you are a California search engine optimization lawyer who is new blogging, or you’re looking to beef up the blog you’ve had for ages, everyone should keep in mind a couple pointers in their back pocket as to how to enhance the quality of their blog.

One way to make your blogging more consistent is to set up an editorial schedule. Having a publishing schedule on hand makes you post in a more predictable fashion so that your readers know what to expect and when to visit.

A consistent publishing schedule also keeps you on track in order to avoid writing about the same topics week after week. You can organize your editorial calendar in any way you choose, such as Excel spreadsheets, Post-Its, paper calendars, or a plug-in from WordPress.

Any marketing consultant Los Angeles knows that, to make your blog more engaging, you keep your entries brief. If the blog entry is still long despite your efforts at brevity, then break paragraphs, making sure there are no more than six lines per paragraph. Trudging through long paragraphs can be daunting and tiresome for an Internet reader. Also try using bullet points and infographics to better illustrate your point.

On your blog, avoid passive tense in favor of action verbs. Action words attract the reader’s attention and make them want to act more.

Los Angeles local search marketing professionals know that, when you’re writing content for a blog, you should write like a human, not like a machine. Treat and relate to the people you communicate with like they are human beings. Know your purpose for writing the blog, as well as to whom you are speaking.

A great headline goes a long way in attract reader interest. An attention-grabber with action verbs is an ideal way to go in terms of naming blog posts. Also, a headline with a beautiful thumbnail image is very likely to get more clicks than one with no images. Headlines with fewer words also tend to get more clicks than longer headlines (although don’t make it too short; make sure the reader can pick up what the article is basically about with a concise headline). Also use actual digits in place of writing out the number. A subtitle isn’t a shabby idea either.

Before writing your blog posts, get inspired by reading up on the latest industry news. When a piece of inspiration comes to you, jot it down and save it for a future blog entry. Go to discussion forums and find out what people are talking about online. But don’t go so far as to commit plagiarism.

Finally, in creating the best blog you can, you should keep in mind that blogs are entirely for your consumers, not for you. Read reader feedback and respond to it. Also, deleting the less flattering and favorable comments will not score you big points with readers, and will make you seem like more of a comment page tyrant.

What is chiefly important in writing a blog is that it is both professional and personal. Readers need to get an idea of your thorough knowledge and professionalism while at the same time relating to you on a human level.

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