Marketing Firm Los Angeles, SEO is Not Dead After All!

Staff Writer: Katrina Pallop

Date: July 27, 2012

There has been talk among every marketing firm Los Angeles calls its own, regarding the topic of SEO marketing and online sales. As with every new technology, the inevitable gossip has been that investing in SEO services, an SEO agency, or in-house link builders is a waste of valuable time and resources. Look around on the internet for SEO news, and you’re sure to be bombarded with false information saying that SEO success is a myth, something that your run-of-the-mill small business should under no circumstances rely on. This sort of talks leads logically to a follow up question: if SEO is supposedly going to the dogs, what are the greater implications for marketing firms? A Los Angeles marketing firm, for example, is under great stress to keep up with the times regarding online services. As it stands, SEO is one of the most popular and oft-turned-to services available for the regulation and boosting of online traffic for various websites. If SEO is actually “dead”, does that mean that the online marketplace is dead, too? Are we witnessing the death of the marketing firm, as we speak?

Hold on for just one second now, while we take stock of the situation. Is it likely that marketing firms are going to go the way of the dodo? If you’re worried about this being the case, you can rest easy. Marketing firms, and the jobs they create, are not going anywhere—neither is the traffic that they bring to small businesses around the world. Rather than perpetuate the “SEO is a goner” myth, consider the following points:

            1. “Local citations” from is a new tool that shows the best ever citation sources,           categorized by American cities. It’s very interesting to see how this sort of technology operates.                      Apart from the major citation sources, you will find yourself redirected to more obscure sources                       that you’ll love getting to know, such as Manta, Superpages, and Citysearch. Even the LA Times                 is in on the game, if you are based in Los Angeles!

            2. SEO is growing and becoming ever more integrated with other marketing strategies employed             by wildly successful firms the world over. If you think that SEO is becoming irrelevant, you              definitely need to think again! In fact, SEO is evolving beyond its original purpose of just getting               traffic redirected to a certain site. Now, SEO technology is branching out and becoming a more                      specifically targeted tool, used on every level of marketing strategy with great success.

            3. Here are a couple of statistics to think about: there are over 800 million Google results for the              term “SEO” while the lagging social media is only at about 300 million results; over two million                         Americans search “SEO” every month; 3.5 people Google “SEO” every single second.

The bottom line is, SEO isn’t going anywhere, so don’t sweat it! The exact opposite is true, in fact; SEO is evolving to become a bigger and bigger part of online marketing. Instead of becoming obsolete, SEO is bound to become ever more necessary as more time goes by.

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