Marketing Services Los Angeles: the World Is Going Mobile

Staff Writer:  Greta Frusha


Date: 7.30.12


How big is the mobile market?  It is global.  The whole world is heading to going mobile and so are the websites.  Device and platform fragmentation are the new norm.  4 billion mobile phones are in use around the world.  1.08 billion of these mobile phones are Smart phones, and 3.05 billion are SMS enabled.  How fast is the mobile internet growing?  By 2014 the mobile internet should take over desktop internet usage.  Top marketing firms Los Angeles are preparing to ride the crest of mobile internet.  Marketing services Los Angeles are readying their teams to respond appropriately to this incredible number of mobile users.


The mobile landscape is like the moon.  It is a uncertain, expansive, and tricky place filled with twists and turns that make the most experienced developer or site owner pause.  So how is it navigated?


Going mobile is a sometimes daunting and time consuming project.  And what if that mobile site creation cannot be added to a current project plan?  Yes it can be added.  Clean code and a secret called WCAG AA Accessibility Standards can take your site from un-evolved to mobile ready within a short time.  Marketing Services Los Angeles can move on to a mobile world, and top marketing firms Los Angeles can make sure their clients are utilizing the most recent technology.


To work the magic, take the W3C valid and semantically compliant HTML, toss in CSS 2 and 3, add WCAG AA accessibility standards and ta-da!  The basics of the site will now render in all feature and smart phones along with tablets, laptops, and desktop devices.  This can be even better if HTML5 doc type can be used.


M site is a dreaded monster.  It is full of aggravating tricks and twists that can prevent a user from going to a website.  So why not build two sites?  It seems like a good solution, but in reality, it isn’t.  The M. idea is basically a flawed one.  For the most part, CMS systems have built in M. output.  Looks like a perfect solution but M.; sites have flaws of their own.  One flaw is that Bing will no longer index any M. sites under their ‘One URL per site” policy.  Maybe they will, if it is the only site URL, there are quality indicators, and there is traffic and there are links coming to it.  Google hasn’t been too clear on its position about M. sites URLs as Bing.  On Google, M. sites do not do as well.


There is a myth that if there are two sites, there should be two sets of content where there is one for desktop users and one for mobile users.  Not so.  A consumer using a desktop is no different from a consumer using mobile to access a site.  Content doesn’t have to change.  If there is a need to change content, then it was probably content that needed to be changed or corrected.


Phase out the M. site gradually.  If there isn’t one, don’t start one now.  Mobile sites should be minimal, functional, and designed with the consumer in mind.  Make it simple to complete a task.  If the site is not, then sit down and rethink the whole site.  Mobile is the world.

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