Marketing Takes an Electronic Turn with Search Engine Marketing Los Angeles

Staff Writer: Jessica Rennie

Date: 6.14.2012


Today, it seems like everything is electronic.  It is even becoming more and more popular to have an electronic copy of a book than it is to own a real paper and binding copy.  With this fundamental shift in the way that information is accessed and organized, it is necessary to change tactics when trying to market a product.  Marketers must adapt with the times to keep things current and reach more people.

Marketing, in its earliest stages, was conducted by word of mouth.  Friends told friends which brand was the best and lasted the longest, which book to read on holiday, what doctor would help with an infected cut.  In the twenty first century, the human race has moved past all that.  People still tend to share all of these things, but marketing has become more electronically inclined.  Commercials are made and aired on television sets, radio segments cut onto the air in between songs, links are posted on web pages advertising different web pages, and texts are sent out to consumers.  Marketing methods have taken a digital turn to adapt to the ever changing technology.

The best way to get the word out is not through word of mouth anymore – it is through the internet.  Most people create a web page and can publish whatever it is they want on it.  Whether it is an informational page or it is meant purely to sell products.  Finding this page, however, can be difficult for consumers considering how big a place the internet is.  To help the consumers out, more marketing techniques are used to steer them in the right direction – towards the intended website.  Search engine optimization, or SEO, plays a large part in this.

Off-site SEO is essentially a link-building technique that utilizes another webpage filled with keyword-rich content that markets internet viewers to the page you really want them to go to. It creates a link through a key word or key phrase.  When viewers click on this link, they are transported to another website.  And just like that, the website that otherwise may not have been found, is located.

A major factor in how much traffic a web page receives is in how easily a person can find it.  Nowadays, most people use Google.  They type in what they want and click on the most relevant link.  Typically, this link is near the top of the page.  Webpage creators strive to get their page nearest the top in a Google search engine.  To achieve this, they can use search engine marketing Los Angeles, or SEM.  This strategy gets pages to show up sooner on a Google search.

Both of these marketing methods, SEO and SEM, are good practices to have to promote a website.  A digital marketing agency Los Angeles can take care of these for you and get your website more views.

SEO and SEM are great marketing methods to get more views.  Using them markets your web page and moves it to the top of the Google result list.

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