These days, your phone is used for so much more than making phone calls. Having the internet on your mobile means people can use smartphones for an array of purposes, including visiting sites and even making purchases online.

The decision for your mobile business to go mobile is indeed a wise one, as a mobile-friendly site will greatly differ from your desktop site. Once you have your mobile site set up, however, how do you get people to your mobile site?Mobile Banner ad

One suggestion is through Mobile Banner Ads.

These are very similar to Web banner ads. Such ads are placed within related mobile sites, portals or search results. Such banner ads come in different sizes, depending on the device being used.

Here are some considerations in building your mobile ads:

  • Make it engaging. Due to its limitations in size, mobile ads need to work extra to get your attention in a limited amount of time. For one, the mobile banner ad needs to be powerful enough to distract the user from the main content of the site and create a connection with the user. Also, you need to give the user a reason to examine the ad more closely.
  • Know your audience. Ideally, the ad should show only for your target audience so that you get more clicks and, eventually, conversions. Then, like any ad, there’s the call to action, such as “Enter Now to Start Saving!”

This seems like a lot to fulfill for an ad of such small stature. The main points you should remember is to keep it simple, concise and to the point, while also making the action and benefit clear. You’ll likely have more conversion rates once you build a great banner ad that targets the right audience.

Banner ads are also useful in promoting mobile apps for your business, should you consider a business app. In this case, there are some additional features that your banner ad should include.

  • Business name or logo. Users should know immediately that this is an advertisement. Brand recognition should be established while also making people aware of your app.
  • Short and simple message. Your Mobile app banner should also concisely state the app’s main function in a maximum of eight words (Lose 10 pounds with this app!). In the case of banner ads, most of the time less is more.
  • A strong call to action, again, is vital for a Mobile app banner ad. If the app is free, for instance, “Free Download” is a great one. But it should only be a maximum of three words. The color of the call to action button should also greatly contrast from the background. The button should also be big enough for a thumb or finger to press.

Be careful of the common pitfalls of mobile banner ads. Unnecessary images, for instance, can detract from the quality of the app; if you’re business is a car repair shop, for instance, don’t show a picture of a cake in your mobile ad. Images should instead elucidate what your app does. Vague, long headlines are also a big no-no. The typeface should be easy to read and as large as possible so that it’s readable. The font color should also contrast from the background.

The professionals at Sticky Web Media can help you set up a Mobile banner advertising campaign that performs well across all mobile devices.