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Erin Kilgour, Staff Writer, 9-14-2009

The Web brought a technology that introduced the convenience of the world into the homes and offices across the globe.  It has brought shopping to the doorsteps without leaving the home and it has brought businesses a way to function without the tedious hours and stacks of journal keeping that once was the way to run a business.  It has brought man the ability to seek opportunities and the alternative life style of working from home that previously did not exist.  It brought the golden era of opportunity worldwide for everyone on an equal basis and it become a marketing chamber that businesses around the world are taking advantage of.  The Internet has become history.

Online businesses are by the hundreds even thousands and nearly everyone is trying their hand at success.  This is a way for many to earn additional income and for many to generate a full time business with successful marketing.

Search engines are the key in marketing.  This is where the bread and butter are.  It is easy to have an online site, however, if it is not in the top of the search engines than it is losing power and company profits.  The search engines are accessed by billions of users each day and without being in the prime positions in the search engines you are not operating as fully as you could be.  It is necessary to use a submit my URL for free site no more than every 45 days.  Submitting your site does not mean that it will be listed in the search results but it odds will increase.

Pay per click programs are often times where the marketer who has not built their rankings in the search engines begin.  This is a paid campaigning that the online business marketer engages in through selecting and bidding on keyword phrases.  It is done through an auction in the search engines and the bid amount is based on a cost per click amount.  The online business marketer will bid among other marketers and the high bids will win a sponsored or featured listing in the search engines.  This is an excellent choice of marketing for all businesses as campaigns can be quite inexpensive and results occur as quickly as immediately.

Many of the search engine programs also offer services such as keyword selectors which show the popularity of the keywords and keyword phrases which the online marketer is interested in.   The sites will also suggest alternative keywords and keyword phrases that are offered at a more reasonable price.  Through the pay per click it will not be necessary to submit website to search engines free through directories or sites as it will rank through the paid listings. However, you will want to start building your recognition in the search engines and should submit.

One can submit website to search engines for free site such as Google or through using the submit my URL for free directory sites.

Once you have submitted your site to the various search engines you will begin marketing.

Web presence will be everything.

First, one must get listed in the search engine directories and catalogs.  This is a powerful strategy as you become highly visible to customers and prospects searching for answers who are searching their preferred site.

Create an e- newsletter.  This is a great way to deliver your message directly to your prospects and customers inboxes.  This is an excellent way to keep your prospects and customers up to date with new announcements on products or information on the latest way to use something, or mere suggestions.  You may offer to invite them to webinars or to include some type of advice.

Publish technical articles online.  This will make you the master of you trade and the expert of experts, not to mention you will be highly saturated by your targeted audience.  This will also create many links directing to your site.  However, you must be consistent and write on a weekly base.

Banner advertisement will make your name highly visible.  Banners offer branding and lead generation opportunities.  But, place your ads on complementary websites to your product or service and place your ads across the network.  This will draw many prospects and create customers.

Join industry trade associations for your product or service.  This provides links back to your site as you are listed as one of the members.  Be certain that you link to a relevant site. 

Blog comment.  This is a great means of interacting socially while promoting.  With positing comments on blogs you will be getting your link known and building a reputation with many community members.  Post with etiquette.

Most importantly don’t pass up SEO advertising.  This is a high rise in rankings using specific keywords creating many links directing to your site. This will be done in the means of article submission, review submissions, and forums. 

By all means, do not forget social media such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.  This is a prime way to enter into your targeted audience and become a trusted member whom they can turn to for your product or service.  


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