New Advertising Social Marketing Campaigns and Posters For Business

“Staff Writer” Leontine Armstrong, August 14, 2009


Most of the campaigns posters that have been used over the years have changed. Take for instance some of the old campaigns posters about cars from the 1960s. Some of the posters would have combined several campaigns onto one poster so they would work off of each other in competition. This strategy would be making one better than the other from the different opinion of the consumer. This is actually a strategy that is still used at times today such as outfits on the runway. The car campaigns posters are slightly different from recent campaigns posters because the image, message and appeal are very separate. The image of the new car is to have it shiny and sleek versus the old style of bulky or round looking cars. The difference between all of the campaigns posters that are being produced is that they use ideas to connect from one picture to another.

Political campaigns posters will have more than one person running for office on the same poster board to show the competition amongst the candidates. It is a joint campaigns poster created by someone who is bringing more than one separate campaign together as one so that they compare and reflect off each other. Multiple campaigns at once, or one right after the other in a list contribute to the image that there is more than just one person running for the position.


Myspace and Facebook are social networks that have a great amount of social marketing campaigns because the users like to search the web for data ready at their finger tips as they chat with their friends. An example of a social marketing campaign on Facebook is the groups that you and your friends can join. Whenever you join a group you are given the option of sharing it with your friends. If someone does this for about 30 of their friends and those friends share or suggest the group with another 30 of their friends the group keeps growing from just one initial email. Social marketing campaigns are so easy to use and are very quick if someone finds it interesting or even amusing. The people who are interested in the group have done the work for the business that initially started it because they shared it with their friends. More than half of the users on Myspace and Facebook are young adults and they use the social networks more than a few times a day. With this kind of innovative networking social marketing campaigns will continue to grow through the use of these web pages and its constant users.


Another interesting part of social marketing campaigns on Facebook and Myspace is the two new ways you can suggest and find friends. Along the borders of web content on Myspace there are a few friends that might be someone you know. Myspace has picked out people who share or shared the same school you went to. On Facebook we see that when you add a friend or request a person to be your friend you have the option of suggesting friends of yours that they might know. By doing this you are sending a suggested friend request.


Advertising campaigns can be quite complex sometimes. Worrying about how the campaign will affect its viewers is a challenge. A Victoria’s Secret advertising campaign would start initially with a woman needing a dependable quality bra that fits her perfectly. The next advertising campaign from this business could be push-up bras and water bras that make a woman more attractive and give them the boosted self esteem they want. The following advertising campaigns would continue with new improvements such as new colors of bras and newer more comfortable bras. Each of these advertising campaigns have a centralized theme about bras from Victoria’s Secret. These advertising campaigns keep up the image of what a woman wants from the business while continuing to grow on that initial commercial.


Other advertising campaigns can be seen as political campaigns. At first we will see that a candidate is running for office and there might be some ideas that he or she has already started to publicize in that first campaign. The following advertising campaigns would continue with that message showing that if they are elected they will follow through with their promises and be the best person in office that they will want. Again we see the centralized idea of electing this person with some  new information being added in here and there with the advertising campaigns that keep coming one right after the other.


Many new advertising campaigns that have been used recently are products or services that haven’t been available until now. Netflix is one of those new advertising campaigns. You can rent a movie from Netflix for a day and pay a competitively low price for the movie. There are machines in supermarkets that have movies you can rent for as long as you want. After you are done with the movie you simply drop it in the machine and order another movie. With Netflix you are also able to rent movies off of the internet that will play on your computer. This is very convenient for the customer because they won’t have to pay any late fees and they can enjoy the movie at home immediately. Netflix is part of some very innovative new advertising campaigns that are working with the customer for their satisfaction.


Other companies that are using new advertising campaigns to promote their business are creating shorter commercials on the television and radio for the viewer. Long drawn out commercials typically lose the attention of the viewer and they will change the channel every time the same commercial comes on. By keeping the advertising short and to the point businesses are able to get a lot of information to a customer in a very short amount of time. Doing this helps the viewer to retain the knowledge easier because the commercial advertisement has given them an easy way to remember something simple or complicated. For younger viewers this is a smart idea because they will easily remember catch phrases and ideas that the commercial was able to give them in that quick statement and image.

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