New Algorithm Cleans Up SEO Firm California

Staff writer: Jessica Rennie

Date: 7.5.2012



When a school classroom gets rowdy, it is up to the teacher to gain order and control of the kids.  She may do this by installing new rules that the children have to obey or be sent to the principal’s office. By adding more rules, the kids have a tighter leash of what they can and cannot do.  Most times, this leads to better behaved children who do better work.  By adding new rules, the teacher becomes the boss again.


Like the teacher, Google is the boss when it comes to which websites it deems the best.  It ranks all the websites out there on the Internet based on quality content.  It does this through its latest search algorithm, Penguin.  Penguin has the ability to not only find the sites with the matching keywords you searched with but to also check out the quality of its content.  With this latest algorithm update, sites with bad links have lost their high rankings on the search engine results pages.  Because of this, they need to clean up their links or risk sliding even further down the rankings.


Search marketing Los Angeles has always been a tricky area to master.  You want your website to have a lot of followings so you create as many links as possible to get more views.  But having so many links can be more hurtful than helpful if they do not have a high quality in their content.  It is because of all these links leading to low quality of content that forced Google to change their algorithm to crack down on sites.  They want searchers using Google to find what they are searching for and not just for a site that has the same keywords they used in the search engine toolbar.


If your site is one of the websites that Google has decided has bad links, it is time to hire a southern California SEO company that will give you only the best marketing services, including providing only good links that fit Google’s standards.  A SEO firm California will raise your website back up through the ranks until it is where it was before on the search engine results pages or higher.  With the proper assistance, you will be back in good standings with search engines.


Today, search marketing has learned a new lesson from having new internet enforcement through Google’s Penguin.  Search engine optimization is not about producing a mass amount of keywords and links.  It is becoming more about finding a balance between quality content, links, and the right amount of keywords.


In many ways the Penguin algorithm has led to a better Internet.  That is, if you are searching through the Google web browser.  Penguin is sending low quality content sites to the end of the search engine results pages and Internet searchers are finding what they are looking for on quality websites right away. In the end, everyone wins.  SEO companies learn balance in their marketing skills, Google finds quality sites, and Internet users get exactly what they are searching for.

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