New Methods of Advertising Used by Advertising Firms Los Angeles

Staff Writer: Carolyn Johnson

Date: 5.23.2012



Advertising agencies in Los Angeles recognize that one of the biggest problems facing advertising in today’s age is that a consumer can be easily distracted. For instance, a consumer can easily ignore a television ad thanks to DVR technology and Internet users know to generally ignore Internet banner ads and pop-ups.


Therefore, it seems as though a new understanding to advertising should be applied in this new day in age. This kind of understanding is vital to acquiring marketing jobs Los Angeles. New advertising alternatives should be studied and explored to keep up with this intense competition.


One such advertising alternative is peripheral ads in video games, which is just beginning to be explored by advertising firms Los Angeles. Los Angeles is a city full of “gamers,” although not with a demographic as large or as diverse as internet and television users. Despite these facts, videogame ads have unique advantages over other kinds of ads. Even though gamers are range mostly from children to young people, it is an audience that is still very influential in the marketplace.


Brand placement in video games, fortunately, do not suffer from the problems faced by television and Internet ads, in that brand placement in video games are not easily ignored. It isn’t easy to simply switch from one video game to the next, as playing a video game allows a player’s near-full attention and commitment. Also, one’s eyes generally do not stray from the screen as they are playing the game. Not only that:  those who want to play the game over and over again would be exposed repeatedly to the same ad.


Unfortunately for videogames, however, there still comes the issue of attention spans, according to studies by Ronald J Faber of University of Minnesota. Despite what was previously said about the player’s attention not straying from the screen, this can also serve as a detriment to branding. A player’s attention to the game itself can be so intense as to not leave much room for brand processing. Therefore, it may be best if such brands are not placed in intensely challenging games, but instead on simple games, such as racing games.


Another alternative method of advertising is called personalization. This is essentially the act of curating an ad so that it is personalized to each individual consumer. This can be done based on whatever data they submit of themselves on social media marketing sites.


Personalization has also taken other, more interesting forms in recent years. Research studies have shown that we tend to trust and show favoritism towards people and things with whom we share similarities, even if we aren’t necessarily conscious of such similarities.  Therefore, projects in what is called “visual morphing” has taken place, wherein digital photo technology finds landmark features in your photos and “morphs” them with other facial features of other people to create an individual to communicate with you in an ad.

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