New Tools for a More Effective SEO Marketing Company

Staff Writer: Katrina Pallop

Date: July 30, 2012

While every writer, distributor, and client of SEO services will swear up and down that their particular set of tools is undoubtedly the best out there, take a moment to consider some new services being made available through SEOToolSet®. As avid a user as you might be of your current SEO tools and services, your SEO marketing company might just benefit from this particular new technology. There have been vast improvements made to this specific technology lately, some of which are so subtle that you might just miss them if you don’t take a good look! There are wonderful applications of this suite that aren’t very apparent right away, so below is a little guide for perusing the new additions! Let’s get back to the basics of SEOToolSet. We’ll get reacquainted (or acquainted, if this is your first go) with some new tools and services!

The Single Page Analyzer

This, an updated service, is full to the bursting with data relative to individual web pages on the internet. The primary purpose of the Single Page Analyzer is to go through each and every word and phrase, to analyze usage and applicable connections on a particular page. This fine-toothed look at content can lead directly to much more improved optimization on a page-to-page level. Some brilliant features to be excited about with this particular tool are the link information report, word metrics, and cloak checker, which is described below.

Cloak Checker

“Cloaking” presents something entirely different to the user of a site than what is presented to the search engine at hand. Some people might say that this is a rather duplicitous SEO tactic, but so many sites participate in it that it’s considered rather commonplace. Sometimes, it happens that site managers aren’t even in the know when what they’re practicing might be considered to be “cloaking”. This might happen when several people have managed and fiddled with the site over its time in existence. Or, if the site is large and impossible for one person to manage on her own, this discrepancy might take place.

Domain Ranking Report

This feature creates a summary of the search engine ranking from across various search engines for domains and keywords. This particular report shows the raw rankings of your site, in other words without any personal biases. In the sort of environment where search engines are always looking for ways to make the searcher’s experience more personal, this tool is useful for keeping track of the real rankings of your own site. Some great features of this tool are the comparison report and keyword ranking distribution chart.

This is just a small sampling of the new advances made to this service that is so beloved by many an SEO service company. The new technology is so finely tuned that it could take a good long while to get to the bottom of all the new features and services available. So deep is the well of new information that by the time you’ve had your fill, there will probably be a whole new batch of features waiting for you, which is not a terrible problem to have.

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