Newsletter marketing serves as a great way of getting in touch with your customers and client base by distributing email newsletters.

Business email newsletters usually feature announcements of new products or services, industry news and reviews, or interesting, relevant content.

Monthly or Weekly Email newsletter marketing will allow your subscribers to be aware of your business activities as well as educate them about the current processing of your industry.

Truthfully, as a business owner, it’s up to you what your newsletter contains. But it must be thought out beforehand and planned. There are several features that all great newsletters have in common, so you can use this list as a checklist for your own newsletters.

Newsletter Marketing

Consider the following points regarding your newsletter’s subject line:

  • The subject line must be compelling. Think of your subject line as the headline for the newsletter. Your subject line should pique a reader’s interest enough that they’re compelled to open your email.
  • Be wary of “spam words.” Common spam words try to sell the reader outright. Subject lines such as “Huge Sale!” “Save a Boatload of Cash!” or anything that makes a lofty promise to the reader usually gets filed in the spam folder.
  • No unnecessary punctuation. Keep your superfluous punctuation to an absolute minimum. “!” and “$” usually sends a bad signal and puts your newsletter right in the spam folder.
  • ALL CAPS ARE IRRITATING! No need to shout at your customer. Readers pay attention to the content of the subject line, not the size of the font.
  • Keep it short. Keep it no longer than 50 characters. Subject lines any longer usually gets truncated by many email clients, so you might as well make sure a reader can read your entire subject line when the see it in their inbox.

As for the layout of the newsletter, here’s some advice:

  • Consistent template. Use one simple template and stick with it for all future newletters. Don’t forget to include your logo for easy brand identification. Sticking with a solid template builds recognition and trust with your readers. Changing your template constantly may result in getting sent to the spam folder.
  • Embrace white space. There’s no need to fill every bit of space with content. White space looks professional and gives the readers’ eyes a break.
  • Sales pitch on top. With a number of email clients, the preview pane offers a sneak peak at the content of the email before a reader opens it. Keep this in mind when crafting a newsletter that grabs a readers attention and makes them want to read more
  • Use links. Links in a newsletter show that you know what you’re doing as an opt-in marketer. Links should not only be to your company website, but also leading to other authoritative sources in your industry.
  • Keep it short. Anything more than a few paragraphs should likely be relegated to your website. If you have a lot to say on a particular subject, include a “Read More Here” link at the bottom of the page that goes to the relevant page on your website.

Creating and sending email newsletters is both a free and effective way to get in touch with your customers and bring them up to speed on your business. For more helpful newsletter marketing tips, Sticky Web Media’s SEO professionals can point you in the right direction.