On One True Universal & The Social Media: Advocating Knowledge as a Privilege to All

Staff Writer: Max Smith

Social Media is presented in various forms. They can be found practically everywhere and anywhere, from street corners to your personal computer. An example of a popular and widely used social medium are printed media that are created specifically for the purpose or distribution and redistribution. Another form of social medium are verbal media, characterized by lines, statements and slogans that have the ability to capture the eyes, captivate the interest and linger on the memory of people. Social medium can also take the form of demonstrations, role-plays and performances.

Genius breakthroughs in science and technology have given rise to the birth of the electronic social medium. This includes the use of the internet and mobile phones. The internet, when used as a social medium, includes websites, blogs, micro blogs, posts, reviews, photo sharing, music sharing, video sharing, live casting and various opinion sites.

It is a form of one true media that recognizes people’s primary need for interaction. It is based on the belief that better responses from consumers, supporters and audiences can be gained through personalized, individualized and actual one-on-one communication and transactions.

The Advantages of Utilizing the Various forms of Social Media

Social Media bears a myriad of benefits to the user. Among the many advantages of using this type of media is the fact that it is widely available and accessible to the general public. Its use is widespread throughout the entire globe, travelling across oceans and moving past physical barriers to bring the message to a diverse pool of people, which sprung from various social, economic, political, spiritual, and racial backgrounds. Convenience of use is another great advantage of the social medium. As opposed to industrial medium, social medium warrants no special skills or expertise on neither the part of the sender nor the part of the receiver. The tools associated with social medium can easily be understood and operated by practically anyone and everyone, regardless of educational background as all it entails is common sense. Another great advantage of a social medium is that it is cost-effective. Senders of the message need not spend a dime to get the message across to the target audience. All the senders have to do is to post or feature the message once and the first and succeeding recipients eventually passes it down to other audiences. Compared to other forms of media, the social medium is speedy, delivering the message clearly to the most number of target recipients in the shortest possible period. The use of social medium also allows for the generation of quicker responses or feedback from the receiver. Social universal media facilitates a steady flow of communication between the sender and the receiver through clear and direct message pathways. Among the best characteristic of the social medium is its flexibility. Social medium can easily be modified, reinvented, or totally changed and content can easily be deducted or added as seen fit. This enables the sender to deliver messages to the receiver that is complete, relevant and accurate.

The Role of Social Media on the Growth and Success of Businesses

Social universal media plays a great role on the growth and success of various businesses, regardless of size, nature and the type of target consumers. Through the media, business owners are able to establish a concrete name for their business and make their mark on the industry. Business owners rely on the media to provide competent advertising, bringing their products and services to the face of the general public or the particular members of the population that are specifically targeted by the business owners.

Business owners are spared from the hassle of having to sort through the seemingly endless list of advertising methods that can be either effective or ineffective. They are also spared from the heavy, unwanted and unexpected costs of advertising, as the use of social medium usually warrants no monetary investment in the part of the business owners. A great example of this is advertising through social networks. Registration to the popular social networks is free, all business owners have to do is to create an account, and they are instantly granted with access to the millions of people who have the potential to purchase their goods, obtain their services and produce a hefty return of investment to their businesses.

Through social interactive media, business owners are able to gain insight on the various needs and preferences of their prospective consumers and keep up with the ever-changing trends, enabling their goods and services to remain relevant, useful and appealing to the consumers, hence generating an increase in commodity use and purchase.

The Role of Social Media on Knowledge and Information Dissemination

The majority of the members of the population have learned to rely on the media as a primary source of knowledge and information. The emergence of the social medium has broken the existing barriers for knowledge by sharing to the general public information that is formerly limited to only a certain percentage of the population. The birth of universal forms of media has placed an end to the exclusion of certain members of the population from the right to awareness of public issues that can greatly influence their lives and create a massive difference in their current state. Social and universal forms of media is indeed one true media that aids in the distribution of sufficient educational opportunities to all and the promotion of the universal privilege to create choices that are based on sound and reliable facts. Through social and universal forms of media, more people are armed with the necessary input to create informed choices pertaining to purchases, health, and life in general. This subsequently leads to a better quality of life that is supposed to be a privilege of all and not just of a chosen few.

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