One of the Toughest Marketing Jobs Los Angeles: Brainstorming Names for Your Brand Product

Staff Writer: Carolyn Johnson

Date: 6.05.2012


Marketing and advertising agencies in Los Angeles CA are sometimes approached with the difficult task of coming up with the perfect name for a brand’s product. If you are under a time constraint and you have to get the ball rolling, there are several brainstorming methods to consider.

First, you have to get the ball rolling and really think about the brand, asking yourself some vital questions about what the brand’s product does, what it represents, and what it does for customers that other brands can’t do. Also, think about the brand’s industry in general and what it (ideally) does for customers. Write out a huge list that answers these questions. You can even free associate words you think of when you think of the brand in online marketing Los Angeles. Marketing firms often come up with various methods of forming ideas.

Come up with names and word lists to get your creative juices flowing. Even names that seem irrelevant to your brand can get you started on a course of thought you may not have expected. You can search for Google for endless lists of items and things. For example, you can scour the Internet for lists of zoological names, botanical names, engineering and math terms, astronomical terms, insect names, and Latin and Greek words or roots. This is a preliminary step that allows you to think more abstractly before begin to zero in on more specific ideas. Think about random objects that share the same connotations or adjectives as your brand.

Consider a brand that uses a play on words or puns that relate to your product. One example of a brand name that uses a pun is a beer brand called Tricerahops IPA. “Hops” is a vital ingredient in beer that is used in the name to create the pun. Similarly, you can make a list of vital ingredients in your brand and come up with a memorable play on words.

You can also use online word tools, including one called More Words, which looks up any words that contain any variety of letters you desire, as well as sound and letter combinations. Other naming tools include Word Lab, Name Generators, and Global Naming. These tools can make it easier for marketers and marketing jobs Los Angeles. Marketing firms can indeed benefit from these Internet naming tools if the creative process is running on fumes.

While brainstorming, you should also consider whether or not you want your name to be meaningful or more esoteric. Where’s Tom’s Ladder Repair is more specific and meaningful, Ecco Inc is not specific to anything tangible regarding the brand. Different marketing experts have different rules, depending on who you speak to, in regards to whether a brand or product name should have meaning.

Consider whether a good metaphor can fit into your brand name. A solid metaphor can be very powerful and attractive to consumers, if done right. You have that list of things your brand and/or industry does, so take it out again and take a look at it. Come up with other things or people in life that also do the same things.

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