Internet Banner ads are one of the most popular forms of advertising on the Internet. Banner ads are small rectangular ads that appear on many, if not most, company websites. Even though most such ads are made with common, simple HTML coding, they can make a big impact on an e-business’ sales if done right.

When you surf the internet, you’ve likely run into banner ads. Some of them flash bright colors or even shake, causing you to be distracted from the content on the page… and not in a good way. So how, then, can you attract potential customers with your banner ads if most people find them annoying?

There’s no way to tell whether a banner ad will work just by looking at it. The most effective banner ads are the result of extensive and exhaustive testing and alterations done by trial and error.

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The truth is, there aren’t any hard rules into building an effective banner are. There are, however, helpful guidelines that may put you on the right track:

  • Size doesn’t always matter.

There are different types of banner ads like Internet banner ads, online banner ads, etc. that work very well under various circumstances with a minimal amount of intrusion.
Banner ads are rectangular but come in different sizes and dimensions. The full banner ad (468 X 60 Pixels) is by far the most common, but this type may not be the first you consider. First consider the context your ad will be in; in other words, consider the websites in which you’ll be publishing ads, and consider what size ad will best compliment the atmosphere of said websites. A smaller ad may be more effective because it flows well with the website’s overall structure.

  • Be sure the ad is related to the website

Users are more likely to be interested enough to click on a banner ad if the ad is related to the content of the website itself. Search for websites that are related to your industry and you’ve already nailed your target audience. Keeping your target audience engaged will end up being much more effective than trying to post your banner ad everywhere on the Internet.

  • Try interactive ads

Interactive ads engage and reward the user. According to a study from Barnam Sully Research in 2010, brand recall increases by a whopping 63% when interactivity is involved in an ad, as opposed to non-interactive ad.

  • Make the ad visually appealing

Be careful not to go too overboard with this one. A visually appealing ad has striking as well as complimentary colors or animations. “Loud” colors that clash, on the other hand, will repel the user. Some of the most beautiful websites out there also vie for the most beautiful ads. Think of your banner ad as a work of art.

  • Keep your message simple

You only have a small amount to space, which means your message needs to be concise and to-the-point. And advertising your business alone is too broad for the banner ad’s objectives. Publicize a specific new product or service in your banner ad in order to get clicks. Be careful, however, to not keep it so simple as to be obscure. Mystery rarely works with banner ads.

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