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Staff Writer: Max Smith


Date: 09/26/2009




Why Go On Classifieds Ads


Classifieds online for small businesses are the best the site to go to when a business is short on operating capital but needs advertising to promote their item. In a present day business scenario, advertising may spell the difference between success and failure of a business. But advertising involves a large amount of expenditures to mount a campaign. Because of this, many small businesses just content themselves with whatever bits and pieces of advertising that they can manage.


Classified ads in newspapers and some magazines proved to be a limited solution. For a small amount, you can have a few lines about your business published in a publication that has local or national circulation. The disadvantage of these kinds of advertisements is that not all newspaper readers take the time to read the classified ads and if ever they do, they could not have enough information in it that is enough to convince them to buy since it is printed in just two or three lines that is composed of abbreviated words. They do not have an idea of what is being sold exactly because it does not have a picture of the item and calling on the contact number provided often prove to be too much of a hassle for a buyer.


From Traditional Publication to an Online Feature


The migration of newspapers and magazines to the internet proved to be an answer to these woes. These publications brought the entire set up of their papers online including the classifieds ads pages. With it along, ad postings can now be seen by more people from everywhere in the world. Advanced graphic designs allowed for the placements of video clips and still images of the item being sold and so allow the viewers what exactly they are buying. There are even community forums classifieds online social pages that a reader can get involved interacting with other readers.


Web design features has been much improved in recent years. Interactive web features allowed consumers to place several items side by side for comparison, allowing for a more thorough investigation of an item before buying. This prevents impulsive buying and buying at face value where the customers do not have an exact idea of what to expect upon receiving the item they bought. Some city online classifieds feature cars and houses that are being resold by their owners. Because city living often requires moving from one address to another in pursuit of job assignments, cars and houses are being sold and resold faster than at a rural setting. Classified online in these urban areas therefore are full of these items because of its convenience over other forms of advertising. A web feature that allows the buyers to shop online is also common in classifieds advertising now. With it, the need for physical contact to carry out a deal is no longer necessary thereby fast tracking the business process. Bought items are instantly marked for the buyer’s information. A feature that is not possible in printed publications.


Some people even developed the habit of periodically participating in online forums classifieds online social sites just to keep updated on current market trends. These discussions keep a consumer wise to the ways of classified advertising. It allow the reader to know how best to utilize these pages to its full potential and give them a chance to share their ideas with one another.


Classifieds online in many areas, especially in highly urbanized cities, have been the source of buyer’s information for many people. It has replaced the need of buying a printed buyer’s guide or newspaper and other publications to inform himself on what is being offered in the market. Browsing for these items on the internet is much more economical in time and money which is what most consumers prefer. Though this fact is detrimental to printed publications, it cannot change the current trend. So to keep up with costumer demand, they do not have a choice but to go online themselves.

Online classifieds opportunities for small business

Categories in a city online classifieds range from animals and pets to houses and small buildings to services and small pieces of clothing such as a baby smock or a toy. Allowing for the placement of such variety of small items side by side with expensive ones makes classifieds posting especially attractive for small businesses. Home based businesses are particularly blessed with this kind of advertising since such a business usually does not carry out an advertising campaign. By posting it in classified ads, such products as homemade puddings or services such as lawn mower repair, now has a chance to be patronized by people from afar. These consumers would otherwise have been ignorant by these items had they been not reached by online classifieds. And because they often have pictures of the item alongside the ad, the buyers are informed of what these items are even if they do not buy it. This knowledge will help both the prospective buyer and the seller in some future buying decisions.

Classifieds online for business therefore has created an opportunity for growth and development. It has made many previously unknown commodities a household name and has crossed international boundaries with items that were endemic in a particular area before. Now a hand knit sweater made by some mother in the United States can be seen being worn in the Philippines or a Chinese noodle being sampled somewhere in Europe. Indeed it has made the world smaller and allowed a meeting of cultures that may have stayed ambiguous to each other.

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