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Erin Kilgour, Staff Writer, 8/8/2009

The traffic generation is in full gear.  With new sites popping up every day it is bringing Internet visitors nearly everything at their fingertips.

When one thinks of the Internet typically three things come to mind, a source for information, a communication or social activity, and making money.  With, making money often times being the favorite.  The Internet is flooded with opportunities and along with these opportunities is affiliate marketing.  A program that is beneficial to both the advertiser (being the employer) and the publisher or affiliate (being the “employee”).  Although you may wonder why someone would want to advertise for another business instead of operating their own, the advantages are many.  Webmasters can place links on their sites in which every time someone clicks on the link they receive a commission.  This works for sales as well.  Every time a person purchases through the affiliates link, a commission is made.  Affiliate marketing is a “pay-per-performance” source of employment between the business and the affiliate.

Basically, Publishers or affiliates sign up to promote businesses through affiliate marketing programs such as Commission Junction.  Sites like these will have thousands of businesses that one can choose from to promote.  The business must approve the affiliate before they begin advertising.  Normally, the business will not approve if the affiliate promotes through incentive advertising.  Which means advertising by rewarding or paying your participants or prospects to click on the site, filling out a form, thus becoming a lead.  Basically rewarding them for their participation.

Among the popular sites that have swept the affiliate marketing programs is the health care business.  What was once an agent client office relationship has now become an Internet business.  Many successful affiliates have been made through these programs.

Many affiliates promote through their sites with banner placements, while some take the task head on and build websites for their health visitor online to visit.

The health company has advanced on the Internet to great levels.  There are a number of sites that one can access to ask health questions and get advice.  There are also a number of forums in which cover health topics.  Nearly every type of health information can be found on the Internet.  This has made the advancement of health insurance on the Internet a great market.  The internet access for visitors is convenient.  A visitor can get quotes and compare rates with the ease of the click of a few buttons.  There is not the pressure of contacting the agent, setting up a meeting and driving to the office.  Often times, the health agent may even come to your home, depending on the coverage.

As with any site, you will want to gear your health care site to your patron.  This will include advantages for your visitor that will make you outstand from your competitors.  This may be a simple click for quote button, an online chat, or a visitors online now section where the visitor can see themselves among other visitors and the total maximum visitors to the site and one time and/or to date.

The online chat for the visitors is a great addition to a site.  With a health site, this can be a huge advantage.  The visitor will have the security of being able to ask the customer service questions possibly resulting in a sale much more quickly than if the online chat was not available.

Features are the real time communication.  The visitor engages with the support operators via the text chat meaning the interest of the visitor is not placed on the back burner and never accessed again.  You will also receive feedback from the visitor to your site, provided they do not end after the conversation.  You will also have the advantage of messages left should you or your operators be off the online chat.  The software is fairly easy to install and can be done either by the webmaster or a hired professional.

In hiring a professional you will want to look for php script service professionals or web design services.  These professionals should be equipped with the ability to perform such a task.

Internet success is everywhere.  And the Internet offers every form of media available to campaign successfully.  Once you have decided on the features of your website, you will want to target your audience.  Obviously, the audience for health will be middle aged.  This is a wide audience.  You will want to begin to successfully campaign your website business to your audience.

When campaigning your content will be your factor.  From the beginning of choosing your keywords or keyword phrase to the successful writing content of your website and emails, banners and flyers.  You will want to provide content that interests the reader and leads them to your website, producing a visitor to your site.

You will want to focus on SEO or search engine optimization.  This will be advertising effectively in order to gain recognition in the search engines.  It will open the doors to many visitors searching the Internet for information, products or services.  With a high ranking in the search engines your site will receive much more exposure when a searcher enters your keywords or keyword phrase into their browser.

As with any business a strategic plan is necessary for success.  This will include projecting levels that you want to take your business to and the ways and means to make it happen.  This can be done through researching your strategies and putting them into effect or hiring a professional to accomplish the task for you.  Both will take research.  Before you enter a professional relationship with a professional service, you should do background work on the company, on SEO marketing, knowing the terms and methods of advertising they are referring to, and be able to ask them for success stories.

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