Online Video Advertising, Successful Viral Marketing and Failed Campaigns

“Staff Writer” Leontine Armstrong, August 14, 2009


Advertising used to just be on the basic television and in newspapers. Now there are online advertising campaigns that have evolved and developed into working more efficiently for more customers. Online advertising campaigns work towards promoting on the internet for multiple websites. These possible online advertising campaigns can use many different strategies to get their advertisement out there. They can use banner ads, search engine results, social network advertising, email advertising and email spam. Out of all of the possible strategies used for online advertising campaigns the one that works best for your business will probably be different for each campaign. A major advantage of online advertising campaigns is that you are able to immediately put your advertisement on the internet and get fast results. You don’t have to wait a long time for results about your advertisement like the old days. Another advantage is that online advertising campaigns are very efficient for the advertiser. The ability to change the content of your advertisement and website is phenomenal. You can reorganize advertisements at your pace and it gives you time to see what you like best about the advertisement. Also, being able to earn money online is something that not too many people thought was possible until quite recently. Interestingly enough interactive online advertising campaigns are emerging and are probably going to keep picking up speed in popularity.

Almost everyone enjoys watching good video campaigns that make them laugh. You tube is one of the most popular websites for video campaigns. Some video campaigns start with something as simple as a video of a skateboarder jumping off of a big ramp and hurting his head. This video campaign is promoting that when you ride your skateboard you need to wear a helmet with your other elbow and knee pads. Along with the skateboarder laying on the ground in agony with his friends laughing at him we will see a brand name helmet advertisement on the screen. Video campaigns can be used in a number of ways to promote a product. If you want to use video campaigns with a campaign you are thinking of doing, make sure that the video will reflect your campaign.

Failed advertising campaigns are popping up, or I should say dropping out, all over the place. This is because they tried to do something they thought would be funny and failed because the public can see through how awful it is and judge it accordingly. One of the recent failed advertising campaigns that Wendy’s has created is just horrible. There are a few people standing around talking about Wendy’s food by only using the food items in their speech. This is just plain annoying. They go on to make an implied statement that Wendy’s is better than fast food. Although, the fact of the matter is that it is fast food and nothing more than that. Being overly confident that your food is so good and it is better than any other fast food restaurant is a little stupid especially when not too many people like it.

Another example from failed advertising campaigns that just shouldn’t be aired is the advertisement. To start with, the song is beyond annoying. The advertisers thought that if they made the advertisement’s music annoying enough people would like it. This advertisement went way over the top of trying way too hard to create an advertisement that people would like. Usually weird and different songs will catch our attention and we like them. With this advertisement we get too much of a bad thing. If you are going to use a song in the background of your advertising campaign make sure that it is a likeable song or tune that won’t get annoying after only hearing it once.

Creating successful viral marketing campaigns have become easier over the years because the creators of the marketing campaigns can predict how the public with react. By knowing this they are able to influence the consumers a great deal by adhering to what they all like. Most of the successful viral marketing campaigns that are circulating are advertisements that are about packaged goods and any brand concerning your lifestyle. A great example of successful viral marketing campaigns are the campaigns that promoted The Dark Knight movie. Warner Bros created a short, yet very effective, movie teaser for the fans of Batman. After the teaser played the fans were able to click on the image and were redirected to another web page with a poster of Harvey Dent on it. The fans were able to sign up their email addresses for codes that would help to peel away some pixels of an image underneath the campaign poster. After only a few hours of being released the campaign poster was fully uncovered from the fans hard work at getting other people to help them reveal the entire poster. This was a very creative way to create successful viral marketing campaigns because word of mouth, and mouse, will do wonders for a crowd that wants results.

Another one of those successful viral marketing campaigns that made an impact is the I Love Bees campaign. The interesting part about the Halo 2 campaign was that it at first started with a web page and when the first couple of people clicked on it they saw a link that read When the users clicked on this link they were taken to a website that had apparently been “taken over.” The author Dana found that her website had been hacked. She started asking for help from the users to take her website back from the hacker who it messed up. From this the Halo 2 creators invited fans to play a little “training exercise.” After they were done they realized that it was a promotion and they had actually gotten to play the game before it was released. The players were then given special gifts for playing the game. This successful viral marketing campaign brought both previous fans and new fans to the website because it generated so much discussion and buzz about the new game.

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