Optimization of your Site for the Search Engines along with Successful Internet Marketing

Erin Kilgour, Staff Writer, 8/23/2009

Most Internet marketers are familiar with the term SEO or Search Engine Optimization.  However, if you are new to the Internet, you may not be familiar with the term.  Search Engine Optimization is focusing on getting your website to the top of the search engines.  For example, if you have a site that you sell fishing poles from you will want your site to be displayed every time someone does a search for fishing poles.  Therefore you will want to focus on successful keywords or keyword phrase for your company and SEO or Search Engine Optimization in order to get your site positioned high in the search engine results.


There are so many things involved with Internet marketing and so many combinations.  Becoming an overnight success on the Internet is not something that will normally occur.  It will take research and planning and contacts.  Making contacts on the Internet is as easy as 1, 2,and 3.  With social networking sites such as FaceBook, DirectMatches and Adlandpro a beginner will have the means to meet other marketers, discuss their business, advertise and receive helpful insight and feedback.  Although every time someone visits your site it is a “vote” in your ranking, it will take much more than the social sites to become established.


Search Engines will open you up to the entire Internet.  You will want to go about building your website and selecting your keyword, keywords, or keyword phrase very carefully.  Everyone can make a website and they can make a website leading to a website, however, making the most successful website takes strategic planning, knowledge and insight.


Often times, when a marketer joins a program with a pre existing site, such as a matrix, they chose to build a website for their marketing purposes.


The purpose of this?


  • Allows the marketer to research their product or service,
  • To choose productive keywords or keyword phrase and develop content that will put them at the top of the search engine listings.
  • Build a “list” of interested prospects.



When someone lands on your landing page looking for the information they are searching for, they will enter their information, thus being able to go further.  Whether you send them an email with a link to your website or whether they have access to the website from the landing page you will then begin to develop a list of interested prospects.  This is an excellent tool for successful campaigning.  The contacts or leads will then be entered into your database of prospects that you campaign to, either through emails or newsletters, constantly giving them new opportunities and information regarding your product or service.


Tips for creating a landing page:


  • Relevant Content.  The content should be related to what the people are searching for.  For example, if a user types in “nike shoes” in his browser, he is not going to want to land on a page with a variety of tennis shoes and have to look for the Nike’s.  He wants to go straight to his product and be able to shop conveniently.  This also increases conversions.
  • Multiple Landing Pages.  Create different landing pages for different keywords used.
  • Functionality.  The friendlier your site the easier it will be for the consumer.  Design your site how you want the visitor to react/shop/learn, etc.
  • Encourage.  Encourage and entice your visitors to take action.  Whether a promotional discount or a sign up form, make it something that leads the customer to perform.
  • Be clear.  Have an organized landing page that the visitor can stay focused on.  Expand on the encouragement and the benefits in performing.
  • Keep the visitor.  Avoid sending your prospect to adjacent pages unless it is necessary.  Remove distractions and limit navigations.
  • Keep it simple.  The visitor found you through selected keywords.  Their search was precise make your landing page precisely what they are searching for.
  • Offer a freebie.  Everyone is interested in something free.  Include this in your site, whether it is free with purchase, free shipping, free newsletter, etc.  This is also an excellent way to build a list.


Keyword, keywords, or keyword phrases are created for your site for the purpose of purchasing Google AdWords.  This is an advertisement run by Google search engine in which you will select your keywords or keyword phrase relating to your site and when an Internet search engine user enters the keyword, keywords, or keyword phrase in their search engine browser and clicks, your site will come up among the sites that are in the index.  Where you come up is quite different.  This is where traffic comes in.  In order to achieve high positioning in Google’s search engine you will need to have achieved “x” amount of visitors to your site.  If the competition all has more visitors to their site, they will be higher in the positioning, thus putting you further down in the positioning.  As you can imagine, this is extremely important, as there are billions of Internet users and with your website ranking in the top of the index it could literally lead you to overnight success.


Your keywords or keyword phrase should relate to your product or service.  If you are selling fishing poles, then it should have something to do with fishing.  Although the keywords “fishing poles” would probably be extremely expensive, keywords such as “fishing poles Egypt” may be reasonable.  When selecting your keywords, research.  It is possible to explore keywords and uncover which keywords would be productive for your product or site.


Gaining visitors to your site is extremely important.  This is what will make you distinguished through the search engines – that and a good reputation as well as site content -this is where Internet marketing will come in.


You will want to devise a marketing plan consisting of a combination of methods that will be productive.  Your goal will be for recognition in the search engines.  Through recognition in the search engines, you are successfully advertising to your targeted audience gaining interested prospects and visitors to your site.  The search engines will calculate the number of visitors to your site as votes to your site thus pushing it higher and higher with each new visitor.


A successful strategic plan will have to be implemented.  Whether you go with a professional or devise the campaign yourself, it is something that will be your strategy in your Internet marketing.  The Internet is the most productive cost efficient form of advertising.  Internet marketing combines a technical aspect of design, development, advertising and sales.  It is the productive use of the search engine marketing scheme to productively sale a product.  And, the sale of the product can be to the entire world.  If completed properly, it can take your company from ground zero to beyond your imagination.


Knowing your product or service and targeting the audience that is most likely to be interested in your product or service will be your target when campaigning.  This will yield the greatest interest.  Knowing where you are at now and projecting where you want to be in the future will constitute your means for achieving your goals.  This will take focus and a combination of methods.  Internet success is not achieved overnight and often times, it does require the help of a professional.


The advantage of a professional is that they are polished in the art of Internet marketing.  And, for a relatively inexpensive cost can produce results.

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