Optimize for Search Engines such as Google and making Success through the Free Engine.

Erin KIlgour, Staff Writer, 8/19/2009

Search engines are the highway of the World Wide Web.  Type in a question or ask for information and it leads you right to where you want to go.  The data on the World Wide Web would not be retrieved if not for search engines.  It is the search engines that crawl the billions of web pages and produce the results when an Internet user searches for a search in their browser.  Needless to say, with the billions of people that access information through the search engines daily it is not wonder that search engine optimization has become so popular among marketers.  Everyone wants to be at the top and everyone is searching for the right technique to get them to the top.


Search engine optimization is the constructing or redesigning of your website to make it noticed by the search engines.  When competing with thousands and even sometimes millions of competitors, this is a must for you business.  Search engine optimization can make the difference in everything you do on the World Wide Web.  You will construct or redesign you website with relevant content.  You will also chose keywords that best suit the theme of your product.  These keywords will be used throughout your campaigning but they will also be placed in the content on your website thus attracting the search engines when it is crawling through the database for relevant information of a browser’s search.  The keywords should be placed high and throughout the body of the content.  This is extremely important.  You will then begin campaigning.  Campaigning will consist of a matter of forms.  It will consist of search engine optimization campaigning and it will consist of straight marketing.  This is marketing without the use of you keywords.


Many webmasters chose to hire a search engine optimizer for the construction or redesign of their website to make their site search engine friendly and to begin their search engine optimization campaigning.  This is a professional skilled in the expertise of search engine optimization.  The importance of optimizing your site for the search engines is mandatory.  It can make the difference in your business’s livelihood.  Many webmasters or marketers realize the need for optimization and its potential and opt for a search engine optimizer.   Google is the leading search engine in present.  Obviously Google search engine optimization will be something that will be a main focus during your optimizing.  Skilled professionals know what the search engines are looking for, how the crawlers crawl, relevant information that is needed to put your site at the top of the charts, etc. and the process of optimization necessary to get your site to the top of the search engines.


The four leading search engines are Google, Yahoo, MSN and Ask.  There are many underdogs on the World Wide Web as well and International search engine.  Most search engines have free search engine submissions for webmasters.  Although you can submit your site, where you site comes up in the listing depends greatly upon the amount of optimizing you have done for your site.


A search engine optimization advertising campaign would include Pay Per Click and such advertising methods as article submissions.  Through both these forms of advertising you would use your keywords.  The research of you keywords will be a lengthy process.  You will want to compose keywords that best suit your product and at the same time are search engine affordable and popular.  This will talk some research and again a search engine optimizer could become invaluable here.  It will take expertise and knowing the market.  A marketer can perform the task themselves by resorting to various tools and much study.  There is not guarantee however and your search engine optimizer will have the ability to adjust your search engine optimization as needed.


Article submission will be a means to build many inbound links to your website.  This is done through the submission of articles to directories.  The higher the directory in the search engine rankings the higher your article will appear when your keywords are searched.  This is another area that a search engine optimizer will come in handy.  They will be able to compose the best suited content for articles and ads for your campaigning.  They will include your keywords and help you to achieve top rankings.


Pay Per Click will be the use of search engine adverts such as AdWords to promote with.  Pay Per Click adverts appear in the top of the listings when a searcher searches for a product, information or service.  The advertiser or webmaster will only pay if his ad is clicked on.  This is a great way to generate interested prospects.  However, again, you will need to have popular, cost effective keywords.  This is a must to produce results.


There are other methods of advertising as well and as every marketer knows you will probably dabble in a bit of each before devising the right combination for your business.  From email campaigning to traffic exchanges advertising will increase your search engine optimization.  Once your website is optimized you will begin targeted advertising and search engine optimization.  This is increasing your website hits in order to achieve higher ranking in the search engines.


Advertising is often time a tedious task and takes a tremendous amount of dedication.  It will require the webmasters to put in many hours weekly to gain exposure on the World Wide Web and stay ahead of his competitors.  Dedication is everything.  However a good strategically planned and well timed advertisement campaign can reap numerous benefits for any kind of business. Further the advertising does not stop at the first attempt; it is a continuous process that keeps up the cash registers ringing.


To begin SEO:

  1. Construct your website
  2. Promote through the use of your keyword phrases and through adverts
  1. This will include articles submissions, which should be submitted weekly.
  2. Review submissions
  3. Forums
  4. Blogs


Beginning with this combination of marketing methods will help to ensure a successful SEO campaign.

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