Optimizing on the Web with the most Popular Search Engines and some Outstanding Engines, AltaVista and other Metasearch

Erin Kilgour, Staff Writer, 8/23/2009

Web search engines are tools that are used to search for the information on the World Wide Web.  When a user of the World Wide Web searches for information on the Internet the results will be presented with a list of websites with the information the user is searching for.


Before web search engines there was a list of web servers with CERN web server, which served as hosting.  As the Internet grew the list could not be kept up, and new servers were used.


Search engines were the rising stars causing an Internet boom that occurred in the 1990’s.  Launching in 1993 was Aliweb and JumpStation.  Other search engines soon followed, and the 1990’s was popular for launching many new search engines.


Alta Vista search engine, owned by Yahoo is a web search engine.  Once launched, it raced to the top of the search engines.  However, its popularity diminished with the steady rise of Google.    It set sail with a technology that had not been seen before and with Yahoo it made a tremendous wave on the World Wide Web.  Louis Monier and Michael Burrows are two of the major contributing participants.   Louis Monier is responsible for the designing and writing of the crawler and Michael Burrows receives credit for the writing of the indexer. AltaVista search engine was named after their company/s surroundings in Palo Alto.  The company has been in existence since December 1995.


AltaVista search engine was ahead and above its competitors at launch.  AltaVista was using a fast, multi -threaded crawler which would cover more web pages which outdoing the competition.  It could cover more web pages than thought in existence at the time of its launch and was running back-end on superior hardware.  AltaVista search engine was receiving 13 million requests per day from World Wide Web users.  Alta Vista search engine became the first full-text searchable database covering a large portion of the World Wide Web. It was instant success.  Two years after becoming established on the World Wide Web AltaVista was receiving a record breaking 80 million hits a day.


Meta-search engine, also a tool, send the users request to other search engines and / or database and puts the results into list form or displays them according to their source.  Users of metasearch engines can enter search criteria once and the metasearch engine will pull the results from many different search engines creating a list of results for the user.  The user does not need to use multiple search engines to access their results.


Metasearch engines compose a virtual database.  They are in the virtual world of the Internet.  They do not have a physical address but are a database of all the information of the web.  They operate taking a users request and forwarding it to several heterogeneous databases and pulling the information from each compiling the results in a homogeneous manner going on specific algorithm such as relevance and rankings.


There are no two metasearch engines alike.  Just as they different in the results.  Results may vary between metasearch engines based on various variables.


Search engines are the highway on the Internet.  A user cannot get from one place to another without using their browser.  It is virtually impossible.



The major search engines are:

  1.  Google
  2. Yahoo
  3. MSN
  4. Ask.com


International search engines include:

  1. Yahoo International
  2. Africa Online
  3. Albania.com
  4. Wanadoo Algeria
  5. Caray Garay
  6. Akavita
  7. And more



Consider all search engines when campaigning as the World Wide Web is global and sales can come from any corner of the earth.


When comparing search engines to one another it is typically done through comparing them in categories and then compare their counterparts.  For example, the home page from where you may go into search options.   Next you may compare the Natural Language Processing or Artificial Intelligence.  The World Wide Web is a list of search results.  Another category may be the recommending or recommendation search engines.  These search engines recommend sites when you cannot find what you are looking for.


Search Engines are the most successful tool you have on the Internet.  They can virtually open your business’s website to the entire world, bringing in an enormous amount of activity and sales.  This is the dream of every webmaster.  It is not only important to submit your site to the various search engines but also to have a high ranking in their search engine results.  This will be achieved through successful advertising and content of your site.  The number of visitors you have to your website is how you are measured in the search engine rankings along with your website’s content.


Also, one can also purchase search engine submission software at a minimal cost.  These are effective and normally have a wide range of search engines including the major search engines.


The search engines are the most important tool you have as a marketer on the Internet.  Make sure to use them and take the necessary steps to be ranked high in the search engine results.

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