Outdated SEO Methods That SEO Services Should Stop and How to Improve Upon Them

Staff Writer: Carolyn Johnson

Date: 8.29.2012


Many websites have been punished by the Google algorithm changes and have seen their websites tank. While SEO experts and SEO services may be trying to figure out why their rankings tanked, it really all boils down to either the use of bad SEO or outdated SEO services. There are several methods out there that SEO experts may have stuck to as a “tried and true” method, but in reality that such methods have long ago been made obsolete.

In reality, as long as you focus on good, honest marketing, any overhaul in Google algorithm changes should not be of much concern to you. And you should not equate old SEO methods to good marketing. Here are several outdated SEO techniques and how you can improve upon them.

One such technique that has often been used in the past is that of article submissions. If you use EzineArticles or any other common article directory, you may already know that such article distribution was only a means of getting some quick free links back to your site. This practice was frowned upon even before the Google Panda updates.

Instead of getting links through article submissions, do some honest, healthy link building on your own. Fetching good links can be a time-consuming task, yet you’ll find that optimizing this way is worth the effort in the long run.

Don’t settle for easy links and instead build relationships with other webmasters and bloggers. Write informative guest posts on blogs and invite guest bloggers to write a post for your own blog to create value on both your site and theirs. Not only will this honest exchange of links benefit your own site and theirs, but most importantly, the Internet community will benefit from this exposure of expertise and good content.

Another old SEO method is the press release. Yes, press releases can still definitely be used for good measure if you have news to share. The key emphasis is on those last words: “if you have news to share.”

Doing a press release without any news to report is a waste of your time. Public relations are about transparency between you and the community and your investors while also building awareness of your company’s exploits. So in order to make your press release relevant, make sure you’re actually doing something newsworthy and positive. One example is partnering up with a non-profit organization for a live event. Not only are you helping out with the community here, but with positive media relations you’ll get that good karma coming back to you in a dose of healthy links.

Link exchanges and reciprocal linking is one of the more glaring examples of outdated SEO that serves as a big red flag for Google. If you’re simply swapping links or going through link exchange services, these links aren’t being earned and are therefore useless. Even worse, if you’re using link exchanges, Google can easily pick up on this and drop your site in the rankings.

Drop the link exchange program and instead change your philosophy on links.  Look at links as endorsements for your site. Links should be used not to benefit you, but to benefit your visitors and pointing them to additional related resources across the Internet.

These serve as a few of the outdated SEO methods that you should stop and improve upon. Essentially, as long as you implement good marketing and good relationships with business partners, you shouldn’t have to worry about future algorithm changes.

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