Owning and building your own traffic exchange and script, and how to get it to the top 10 of traffic exchanges.

Traffic exchange programs are notorious for generating traffic to webmasters websites.  Traffic exchanges are often referred to as manual traffic exchanges, Auto Surf, Paid Surf or Paid to Click sites.

Webmasters gather together on these sites to offer one another support in viewing one another’s websites.  They are normally free to join and a member can upgrade to receive a higher ratio or view per view measure.  The webmaster must view others websites in order to receive views to their website.

Trying to build prestige between other Internet marketers is something that every Internet marketer is hoping to accomplish.   One great opportunity, and many webmasters are recognizing this, is through owning your own traffic exchange.  Traffic exchanges build rapidly and a webmaster can build a downline quickly.  If managed properly many members will become members that will follow you through a trusting relationship developed through your traffic exchange and through the prestige that you will have earned through your traffic exchange site.  The owner of a traffic exchange is someone that is allowing webmasters to earn thousands of visitors to their site each month at zero to low budget.  This is something that every marketer respects.

Finding the right traffic exchange script will be something that you will want to research.  Traffic exchanges grow quickly.  You will want to choose a traffic exchange script that has features that your site can grow with.  It is also important to have support that runs twenty four hours a day.  When looking for features you may chose features such as anti cheat function which will require the member to click a button once they are done viewing one web site to go to the next, provided you are operating a manual traffic exchange.  You will also want features that will make your traffic exchange user friendly.  This will be a clean menu for the subscriber, allocation of credits to websites, downline viewing and commission stats, hit stats, easy to upgrade and purchase credits, and more.  The list for the features that you will want to cover for your subscribers is extensive.  You traffic exchange will grow rapidly.  Having a traffic exchange that can grow is mandatory.

With Auto Surf Traffic Exchanges obviously the features in which you chose may not be as tight.  You will not have to depend on an anti cheat and you most likely you will not be dealing with the number of support tickets.  You will have the approving of sites and questions of “how to” from the subscribers and also the occasion when the subscriber cannot get the site to function properly.  The auto surf traffic exchange programs are not as detailed as the manual as there is not as much human interaction.  You will want to build a rapport with your subscribers however and you will want to keep them active and up to date in the traffic exchange.

Finding the right script will take research.  You will want to make certain that you have full support with your script.  Your traffic exchange will not be able to afford downtime and a quick response will mean the difference between a disabled traffic exchange and an operational traffic exchange.  This is by far one of the most important factors in a traffic exchange script.  You will also want to make certain that you are choosing a script that will support the features that must be included in a traffic exchange.  You do not want to be making too many unnecessary installations or add-ons.  You will definitely want a traffic exchange script that is a traffic exchange script.

Obviously, you will want to be in one of the top 10 traffic exchanges.  There are many traffic exchanges that have been around for a number of years.  However, traffic exchanges are one of the most rapidly growing sites on the Internet and yours could quickly be in the top ten.  Most traffic exchanges that are in the top 10 traffic exchanges are manual.   The top ten traffic exchange did not get there from a design alone, they are there because they are properly managed and promoted and their support is lasting.  Most of the top 10 traffic exchanges reward their subscribers with credits or cash for referrals to the site and promote contests throughout the week or month offering cash or credits to their subscribers.   A good reputation with your traffic exchange subscribers will contribute to your lead on the Internet.  Always make certain that you are quick in response, keep the subscribers up to date with any information or changes and that you let the subscribers know when you will be away.  This will effect the relations with the traffic exchange.  Producing a weekly newsletter is not a bad idea to have member involvement.  Include something exciting for the members so they look forward to the next news letter.  Whatever you do, stay active and keep improving your traffic exchange for yourself and your subscribers.

Traffic exchanges are normally required for the small business or low budget business to gain search engine optimization.  For these businesses search engine optimization is mandatory and often requires that of traffic exchange programs.  Traffic exchanges to drive traffic to ones website will increase the webmasters search engine rankings.  Traffic exchanges can produce thousands and thousands of hits to the webmasters site monthly.  It will not happen through signing up to the website but will happen with involvement and continual surfing of the sites.  As a traffic exchange owner you will find that you encounter many serious marketers and their gratitude as you help them to reach the top of the search engine results.  Internet marketers tend to unite on the World Wide Web and they are always helpful and grateful to one another for opportunities and for guidance.  Owning your own traffic exchange will be very rewarding and with time you will develop a tremendous following.  The hard work that is involved will quickly pay off as time goes on and income builds.

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