Paid Campaigns Use Pay Per Click Advertising Services and Affiliate Programs.

Mandira Banerjea, Staff Writer,

Internet paid per click campaigns, a strategic marketing approach helps the advertisers’ business to achieve better recognition. This is feasible by displaying their web site on the primary page of major search engines like Google, Yahoo and others. Paid per click campaigns attract the attention of millions of web surfers at the very key juncture – when they are searching for information on search engines. Sponsored advertising on search engines is called paid per click campaigns. This marketing tactic increases sales as well as provides further leads by inviting queries from interested web surfers. Nowadays clients have realized the true potential of paid search marketing as these techniques have enabled them to increase revenue from their on-line marketing efforts. The costing of paid advertising on the Internet varies based on the search engine level of competition from a particular keyword.


Paid per click campaigns are an innovative marketing solution used on web sites in which the advertisers pay their host search engines only when their ad is clicked. It allows more exposure while one can control the amount one wants to spend at the same time they can effectively track their ad campaigns. Through pay per click advertising services, the paid search marketing advertisers normally focus on keyword phrases which are relevant to their target audience. The cost structure of paid per click campaigns are categorized under two segments, either flat rate or bid based. In either type, the organization assesses the value of per click based on the target audience which the advertiser expects to receive on its web page along with the anticipated optimum benefit this advertisement would gain in terms of monetary remuneration from such traffic.  The pay per click advertising services monitor the keyword or phrase entered into the search engine, page content the targeted audience would browse, location of the targeted audience as well as the time and day when web visitors are browsing the on-line site.


In case of flat rated paid per click campaigns, the advertiser and the search engine decide on a fixed amount that would be paid for each click. Cost per click is normally based on the rate the advertiser disburses to search engines and other Internet marketing publishers for a single click on its advertisement by web visitors. This system also reveals the number of visitors that are attracted to the web site. On-line web sites utilizing paid search marketing campaigns display their ad when the keyword query matches the advertiser’s keyword list or when the content site displays relevant content.


In paid per click campaigns, the advertiser is required to sign a contract that permits competition against other advertisers selling similar products or services in a private auction hosted by the search engine or advertising web site. In such cases, the advertiser informs the search engine (host) of the maximum amount the organization is capable of paying for an ad spot (normally based on keyword / phrase. At such times, all bidding for the keyword focuses on the searcher’s geo-location, day and time of search and other related factors which are compared among other competitors for determining the winning bidder. The effectiveness of paid per click campaigns is strictly related to the quality and quantity of data. The major search engines advise advertisers who are interested in adopting such models to research well in advance so as to ensure maximum viewership from targeted audience.


With various options for placing advertising on website being available, it can quickly become an arduous task choosing the right one for the site. The various types of programs, like pay per click affiliate programs give their pay per click affiliate typically 2-15% commissions on sales. Such programs work well on informational sites, provided that the products the advertiser is trying to sell are closely tied into the demographic pattern of the site. A striking example being provided by mountain bike selling site, where the site features information about trails and the client reviews about new bikes and biking products. As the browsers look for new products the advertiser could place specific pay per click affiliate link to that product on an online retailer’s store, and expect a decent conversion and click-through rate.


There are two types of affiliate programs of which DIY affiliate program is the lowest cost approach for the on-line clients. In the program, the software keeps track of banners, affiliates and payment dues, etc. The affiliate networks advertise the client’s business to their affiliates and keep track of sales. In such cases, the advertiser pays the affiliate network a fee based on commission paid out each month. The widely recommended affiliate software program is “Post Affiliate Pro” that is written in PHP and is compatible on websites that have PHP and MySQL. “Commission Junction” is believed to be the most renowned affiliate network that is usually selected by many small and large businesses. Advertisers seeking a place to announce affiliate programs can consider Associate and Netraction.


Many pay per click affiliate offer data feeds for all of their products available through their online retail store. Using these feeds, the client can build their own affiliate based online store selling their products. There are many software packages that assist the advertiser to automate the process of building affiliate sites around data feeds. In many instances online retail stores run their own independent pay per click affiliate programs but it is best to opt for those programs that are offered through the affiliate networks. These types of programs generally pay for sending lead information (data) to an online company. Leads can vary greatly from only being an e-mail address or zip code, to being a extensive in-depth financial information (such as that required for loan or credit card leads). Obviously, the best converting pay per click affiliate programs are the ones that require the least amount of personal information.


Some of the pay per click affiliate programs is great for sites that have very high traffic levels. The programs offer wonderful opportunity to increase a site’s cash flow and also diversify their income stream. All sites can profit to some degree from contextual advertising. It is a wonderful and non-intrusive way to complement the current advertising   techniques and provide an additional source of income. The best contextual advertising network is Google AdSense. Most sites will achieve their best potential by using a combination of these various types of pay per click advertising services. It is important to experiment with not only the different types of programs, but also with individual offers and figure out the best combination. This overview reveals that paid per click campaigns are one of the most cost effective way of increasing the business potential of any organization.

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