Pay Per Click and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Advertising is Important for your company.

Erin Kilgour, Staff Writer, 8/10/2009

Every marketer knows the importance of SEO or search engine optimization. This is advertising your website so that you will rank higher in the search engines. ‘Through search engine optimization you will achieve search engine advertising. This may sound a little confusing, but is when you have received enough visitors to your website that your website is “being counted” among the search engines, thus opening a completely new door of visitors to you. Everyone that uses their browser suddenly becomes your audience, without having to hunt them down. That is huge in the marketing world of the Internet.

The language of the Internet can be very confusing when you first begin. You view people that can create their own website as gold, thinking they are the most intelligent human beings in the world. When, in fact, with a little bit of research, it is quite easy to conquer. The Internet does take background. Unless you have a highly mechanical mind, it is not likely that everything will click right off the bat.

In order to achieve success on the Internet, you must advertise. There is a must to succeed. It takes work and commitment. Great intentions will not get you anywhere without hard work. It is possible to hire a search engine optimization company, however. These companies concentrate on taking your business to the top. They are skilled and knowledgeable as to what methods are successful, where the audiences are at, and what your business will need in order to be a success. You may wish to do some of it yourself or do a total package where they perform your entire Internet marketing for you. The cost can start anywhere from a few hundred dollars on up. Do some background work on the sites before you hire them. Post in forums and social networking sites asking different experiences that members have had with these sites. Ask for suggestions on the different sites to seek advice from. Speak to them personally if you begin to get responses. Speaking to other people that have utilized these services will benefit you. They will be able to tell you what companies are good and what companies to avoid. They will also become “contacts” which is a necessary part of the Internet. Once you have background knowledge on the company or companies that you wish to seek their services, then research the different advertising methods that they use. Have some knowledge of the services they are offering. Have an idea of what it is, what should be charged and what to expect.

One form of advertising that is very popular among every marketer is Google AdWords. This is a Pay Per Click or PPC advertising, meaning you are only charged every time someone clicks on your ad. A pay per click search engine advertising. This advertising can literally make you a success. When an internet user performs a search in the search engines, adverts will appear to the right side of the index page. These are your Google Adwords adverts. When a user clicks on your listing leading to your website, you will be charged for the click. This is a cost efficient form of advertising and highly productive when using search words that are frequently searched.

AdWords are also placed on other site owner’s websites. When this is done your Adword Ad will be placed on complimentary sites to your product. Say you sell garden hoses then you may be on a hardware store or a nurseries website. Again, every time someone clicks on the ad, you will be charged a percentage.

The nice thing about this form of advertising is that you only pay when your ad is clicked and you receive interested prospects. You are not paying for a bunch of clicks of looky lous but clicks from interested prospects.

Google AdWords have been around since the year 2000 and have grown to Google’s main source of revenue. The trick is to find searchable and cost effective search words.

Google also offers keyword research tools which one can easily find the popularity of keywords as well as alternative keywords at:

For signing up to Google AdWords your can visit:

Google AdWords has grown into a billion dollar industry for Google and for the advertiser that engage in it have increased profits and found a way of establishing themselves on the World Wide Web with a simple campaign.  It is cost effective and rapid.

Banner advertising is another form of pay per click advertising. With banner advertising you will SEO search engine advertising is by far the golden goose of the Internet. Without search engine advertising your audience is limited to your advertising campaigns. No matter how extensive, you will not have the number of possible prospects as the search engines will bring you. The search engines open the entire Internet to you.

Other ways for SEO search engine advertising are through article submissions. There are hundreds of article sites that every advertiser can submit to. By submitting articles to article sites, you will create inbound links to your site. Inbound links are hyperlinks which direct to the webmasters domain. Links are inbound through the article site and directing to your website as a resource in the article, and conversely, outbound from on the part of the article site. Which in will increase your search engine rankings. Many search engines rank the web pages based on inbound links. This has brought some abuse to the system however, with a portion of the SEO industry attempts to place the maximum inbound links to their site regardless of the sites context.

When writing articles for submission you must include your keywords or keyword phrase. The keywords or keyword phrase should be listed in the Title and Description as well as the header and content of the article. There are many article submission software’s that will submit your article to numerous sites. This is by far the best choice when article campaigning. The software’s vary from manual to automatic submission with many free software’s on the market.

High rankings in the search engines are achievable. Focus, dedication and consistency will yield the webmaster excellent results.

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