Pay Per Click Campaigns is Based on Internet Bid Management Campaign.

Mandira Banerjea, Staff Writer,

Pay per click Campaign involves attracting relevant visitors to the website on pay-per-click basis through search engines.  This medium of Internet advertising is a great way for a website to receive quality visitors, especially in the case of a newly launched websites. Managing a pay per clickcampaign properly however is equally important as a client pays only for those visitors who are relevant for their business. This strategy calls for an effective pay per click campaign management to ensure that the campaign remains cost effective.


For improving Internet marketing, regular summary reports highlighting major issues are provided by the pay per click campaign managers. Managers of pay per click campaign management select the optimum method for each client and improvise the packages in accordance with the evolving market dynamics. Their approach towards pay per click campaigns is quite flexible. For few clients, they set up account and manage the entire process while for some clients they just handle the keyword selection, pay per click bid prices, ad copy and tracking analysis. The pay per click search engine services includes central keyword selection, loading or editing the campaign data, monitoring the results and proactively making alterations to optimize the campaign settings.


Pay per click advertising is the most successful Internet marketing solution, where the client only pays when a prospective web customer clicks on their website based upon keywords they have selected. This implies that pay per click keywords has to be specific as they are the primary tools in attracting web visitors to their site. Choosing the best set of keywords is the most vital aspect of such pay per click campaign management. Considerable time and planning is required during campaign set up so that the pay per click search engine can research the best pay per click keywords for optimum web traffic. But it is not merely during the set up phase that pay per click keyword research is important as with evolving market and associated seasonal fluctuations the pay per click campaign also conducts continuous keyword research.


It is good idea to select more specific keywords than general ones as they attract a relevant set of visitors to the website and is also likely to be cheaper. After selecting the keyword phrases, the type of keyword matching option depends on pay per click campaign management team. Their selection of keywords has a strong impact on client’s “click through rates”. The best criteria for managing any ad campaign depends upon the market the client is interested in and the potential web visitors they would like to target. It is best to exclude certain keywords that bring in unproductive visitors. Though this may result in less number of web visitors but the conversion rate goes up. The target position of pay per click campaign in search engine also influences the maximum cost per click.


Pay per click campaigns can be implemented quickly, is measurable and relates to businesses of various sizes and dimensions. It has been revealed by various scientific studies that pay per click advertising is certainly speedier to set up than the traditional forms of advertisement. It responds alertly when the market dynamics change or there is an alteration in company policy and campaign budget. Google Adwords is one of the speedier ways of implementing pay per click campaigns and can start running within 10 minutes. Yahoo or MSN, however, take around one to three days for setting up while the International pay per click accounts normally takes three to five days for getting activated. It is this immediate and fast response which makes them effective payper click advertising medium.


It is possible to track conversions from Google Adwords pay per click campaign. Google search engine offers a conversion tracking code and reports cost per conversion for each conversion which helps the on-line advertisers to determine the keywords that convert and eliminates the rest. The three tips for bidding on keywords from Google Adwords are :


  • Never attempt to occupy the number one position.
  • Aligning paid ad vertically with organic listings for enhanced effect and
  • Use geo-targeting for local businesses and day-time for lowering bid costs.


Pay Per Click Campaign Management services involve keyword research on products, industry, market and the particular niche that the advertiser is interested in targeting. Based on these indices a list of all potential keywords that is highly beneficial is developed. Choosing the keywords and phrases related to finance help in targeting those visitors interested in buying products or services and are not merely looking for information. This is inclusive of developing a “negative list” that abolishes few keywords which have a potentially low return on investment. This may also involve running multiple pay per click ads of same keyword for better targeting of some specific audience. Designing an attractive ad copy and being creative optimizes the pay per click campaign for maximum click potential at reduced pay per click bid price so as to increase the per click probability from the search engine traffic. The major search engines such as Google and Yahoo provide tracking system which allows the campaign managers to monitor the effectiveness of the revenue spent on advertising. Other tracking software enables a better analysis of pay per click data and web visitors who have arrived either naturally via e-mail news letters.


Understanding and analyzing the traffic patterns of visitors coming to the website through pay per click searches, the paths they follow and their exit routes would further improve the sales process. Pay per click bid rates are normally decided in an initial consulting session with the clients as per keywords and the online competition for the keywords. Based on these rates the pay per click management optimizes each Ad Group to yield maximum profits. Their services includes keeping  pay per click campaign within prescribed budget as their efforts are directed towards giving the maximum possible pay per click coverage as per clients specified monthly or quarterly budget for pay per click advertising campaigns. Calculating the effective return on investment for pay per click campaign helps the clients to understand the maximum performing keywords for their site.


Customized solutions are provided by pay per click bid managementservices that has become quite popular nowadays. Their service takes care of a wide range of activities for a competitive pay per click campaign. They create dynamic landing pages which would materialize uniquely for each user depending on the search phrases he/she uses to locate the site of their choice.

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