Pay per click is a form of paid search engine advertising that is popular among marketers.

Search engine optimization and pay per click campaigning are the most used forms of advertising for marketers.  These techniques produce the highest amount of traffic and yield the business owner or affiliate the most profits.

Most search engines today offer paid advertising pay per click ppc search engine programs.  This is a form of advertising that the marketer or in this case the advertiser will bid on slot positions in the search engine result listings.  PPC search engines typically display these results to the right of the natural or organic search engine results or listed as “sponsored” or “featured”…  The advertiser will bid a percentage or cost per click on specific keyword phrases and the highest bid will win the slot.  The concept is simple; however, the campaigning is complex.  It takes an expertise to be successful in ppc search engine advertising and the marketer will constantly have to study the industry and keep updated with the search engines, knowing which ppc search engine program is best for his product or service based on the demographics of the search engine’s users. There is no special optimization as that with a search engine optimization campaign with the exception of writing the most valuable, relevant ad copy advert for your website that will entice the ideal visitor from the search engines.

PPC search engine marketing is a plan and a plan of action that can result in huge volumes of sales skyrocketing profits.  The marketer will begin with researching the search engine programs, the industry, the competition and the keywords.  He will then identify the cost per click he is willing to pay for the amount of each click or visitor to the website.

When researching the search engine programs it is necessary to know your targeted audience and select the best suitable search engine through demographics of their users.  Demographics will include age, sex, origin, interests, etc.  If you have something that you are selling that caters mostly to young males ages 18 – 24 then Yahoo would be the choice among the search engines.

Keyword phrase selection will be something that will require an extensive amount of research.  You will want to select keywords that are popular and cost effective.  Choosing the correct keywords is vital.



There are tools that marketers can resort to help with the selection of keywords.  However, these tools are utilized by many and knowledge of the industry and search engine users is a must.  Keywords have become so competitive and the cost of keyword phrases can run into the hundreds of dollars and higher.  At the same time a marketer can select keywords for pennies per click.  It will depend on how in tune you are with the market and how well you chose your keywords.

Helping to chose successful keywords is a strategy.  Blankly your target market with every meaningful combination or variation and association which your target marketers may use when searching for your product or service Determine a value oriented action.  This will be used to as a point to determine the value of your keywords and how they are performing.  It will be called your marketing objective and be something such as an opt in, registration, subscription or sale that you entice the visitor to perform while visiting your website.  Implement a keyword tracking which will identify the level of the top 20% of your keywords are producing 80% of your actions.  Weed out poor performing keywords and elaborate on high performing keywords.

Use the 80/20 principle to analyze your pay per click marketing and implement it as a strategy in your campaigning.  You will be able to see if there is an imbalance among/between your keywords and actions.  Simply adjust or modifying your pay per click campaign will increase your visitor action conversion rates, decrease your cost per click rate and will enable your with an efficient allocation across your top performing keywords.

Pay per click is different than other advertising   as you can tell the concept is relatively simple.  Chose keywords to present or have your company noticed, bid and win the slot position in the search engines.  However, the advertising plan is complex.  Although there is no need to optimize your website or advertise outside of the paid search engine advertising you must know the market, the industry, the audience, the search engines and the keywords.

The selection of popular cost affordable keyword phrases is by far the most difficult.  This requires a strong knowledge of your audience and of the search engine users.  You must think like the billion of users and how they would search for something.  Keyword selection can become quite costly and often times marketers are bidding against one another well into the hundreds of dollars for a keyword.  Obviously you would not want this high of a cost per click and would devise a combination of alternative keywords.  There are many treasures to be found in misspelled and odd combinations of keywords.  Suppose the marketer omits a letter or substitutes a letter for another, this is a great way to have a very productive keyword at a low cost per click rate.  Many marketers have found hidden goldmine with this sort of keyword selection.

Every business is looking for the best technique to grow his business.  Pay Per Click is about one of the best techniques available to marketers.  Seek assistance if you need help.  The pay per click professional is there to assist with any step from asking question to reviewing your campaign to creating your campaign.  These services are firms that have the experience and the power to help take your company to the top on the least amount of dollar.

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