Pay Per Click (PPC) Search Engine Technology That Can Enhance Your Business

(Pay per click search engine technology can drive traffic to your business website increasing your business revenue.)

What is pay per click (PPC)?

Pay per click literally means that revenue is only generated when a user actually ‘clicks’ upon your advertisement. When a user clicks on your advertisement you incur the fee you chose to pay, or that you bid upon when you set up your pay per click in the user’s search engine, per the search engine’s guidelines. Some search engines incur a pay per click fee of as little as $0.01 per click, however for the prime spots on each search engine’s pages you will likely pay much more.

The beauty of pay per click technology is that advertisers can get their ad listed in prime spots for free. It is important to understand your prospective consumer. According to a recent study most internet savvy consumers do not sift through more than three pages of search engine results. Therefore you, as an advertiser, should consider paying a bit more for the prime spots when you register your pay per click spot with the search engine of your choice. Advertisers only pay when a prospective customer actually ‘clicks’ on your ad, driving business and attention to you and your business.

Top 10 PPC Search Engine Site’s

There are many pay per click search engine sites to choose from on the market today. The top 10 most popular search engines in use, both by advertisers and prospective customers, currently are:

  1. Google AdWords      Minimum Deposit of  $5
  2. Yahoo! Search                     Minimum Deposit of  $5
  3. ABC Search              Minimum Deposit of  $25
  4. SearchFeed              Minimum Deposit of  $25
  5. 7Search                     Minimum Deposit of  $25
  6. MIVA                          Minimum Deposit of  $50
  7. Findology                  Minimum Deposit of  $25
  8. Microsoft adCenter     Minimum Deposit of  $5
  9.                     Minimum Deposit of  $15
  10. Marchex AdHere        Minimum Deposit of  $100


When considering which search engine, or search engines, to go with consider what you as an online consumer/shopper use the most often. After all if you find that you prefer a certain search engine over another then it is likely there is a reason you do so. Consider which search engines are the most friendly to use for the consumer. If the consumer can use the search engine easily they are more likely to use it more often and therefore see your advertisement that you listed in that search engines pay per click program.

There are two main categories that Pay per Click’s fall into. They are Sponsored Match and Content Match. A sponsored match involves the use of key search words and advertisement matches are displayed upon a search engine page. This is how most businesses begin their pay per click advertising campaign. A content match involves advertisement matches being displayed on a publisher’s website, newsletter, e-mails, etc. This type of pay per click marketing campaign can also be a very profitable and is highly suitable for e-mail campaigns.

What can PPC Search Engines do for my business?

Pay per Click is easy to set-up and use and an invaluable tool for your business. With literally millions of internet shoppers every year your business cannot afford to be left out of a slice of the revenue pie. With pay per click technology you can begin driving hundreds of new prospective customers to your business today. With more customers seeing your advertisement on the pay per click search engine you will find your business profits rise. It is thought that one out of every 3 to 5 internet shoppers make a purchase on sites they visit. Considering this you will see your business revenue increase nicely with pay per click search engine driving more traffic to your website. More viewers means the better chance you will receive more profits.

For pay per click to drive the most consumers to your business you should consider the key words you place into the search engine of your choice. It is these key words that consumers will enter into the search engine of choice and pull up your advertisement with a brief description of your business and business link. In order for all to work as planned the set up of the pay per click in the search engine you choose must be done with thought and preparation. I suggest trying out key words in the search engine of choice and see what comes up. Do similar businesses come up with the key words you entered? If so it is likely a good match for your business. With proper setup of your pay per click search engine you will drive the traffic your business deserves and see your revenue profits increase nicely. Keep in mind that you should treat your pay per click search engine as you would the rest of your business. Update key words as your business grows over time. With proper pay per click search engine management you will always receive the prime returns from your efforts.

Is a PPC Search Engine Management Company right for my business?

But, you are in luck, there are many companies vying for the right to help you manage the pay per click search engine aspect of your businesses advertising campaigns. Do your homework before you choose a PPC advertising management company to help manage your pay per click search engines for your business. Understand what PPC advertising entails and what it can do for you business. Know what you want from your PPC campaign. Be diligent and monitor the PPC search engine advertising Management Company you choose to go with. Check the background and consumer response of the PPC advertising Management Company you are considering using for your pay per click search engine advertising campaign.

In the end pay per click advertising using search engines or email campaigns and more will heighten the traffic to your business and increase your business’s potential for success. Pay per click advertising has been proven to bring success to hundreds of thousands of business already. The key is knowing and understanding the process to drive more advertisement success for your business. There are many options and opportunities in the PPC search engine marketing world. Don’t let these options overwhelm you, let them breathe more life into your business and enhance your earning potential.

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