Penguin Cleaning Up Google, Leaving Businesses to Rely on the Expert Guidance of a Los Angeles Search Engine Optimization Firm

Staff Writer: Jessica Rennie

Date: 6.14.2012


Google wants to be the best search engine available on the internet and the company prides itself in providing users with the most relevant results to what they are searching for.  To keep this pride going, Google introduced ‘Penguin’.  Penguin is the code name for the recently updated search algorithm that Google now uses.  Before Penguin, the algorithm used was known as Panda.  Panda is a year older than its sibling algorithm, Penguin.  Penguin is a little more rigorous than Panda meaning that it scours websites for phony links and links that lead to spam or low quality work.

Google updated the algorithm to filter out sites that did not have the proper content that users were looking for when they typed in key words in to the search engine.  It also weeded out the sites that carried links to improper content irrelevant to the key words they were supposed to represent.  The aim was to make Google a better quality search engine and give the users the results they were trying to find.

To coincide with the recently reinforced regulations, website owners should hire an ethical search engine optimization company los angeles.  Demystifying the Penguin algorithm is confounding to business owners at the best of times.  Most people simply do not have the knowledge and expertise necessary to cope with these new changes to the world of SEO on their own.

Small business owners must find one that understands the different between too little search engine optimization and too much optimization.  This concept can be a tricky one to excel in.  But with just the right amount of keywords used, owners can achieve the right sort of following they are looking for and they will not get a reprimand from Google if it does not follow the guidelines in place.

The proper los angeles search engine optimization firm will ensure that all the rules are followed perfectly.  Some of these rule abiding, top marketing firms los angeles can be found in the great city of Los Angles.  The best of the best of these companies can still use SEO and follow Google’s instructions.

Google is not against links to other pages.  What they are against is links that take internet users someplace other than where they expect to go.  These links could be spam, paid text links that use exact match anchor text, spam that leads to the comment sections often located at the end of web pages, links that take the viewer to low quality sites, links that go to directory listings, link networks, hidden links, and unnatural footer links.

Penguin is meant to clean up the internet sites listed through Google.  Google wants more quality websites and less spam.  The newly improved algorithm teaches link builders to make links genuine and relative to the content they are claiming to be.  Penguin only targets links that have too many keywords, have unnatural interlinking, or have low-quality links.  The main thing SEO companies must remember is to keep links clean, clear, and useful to users.

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