When you choose Sticky Web Media to address your search engine optimization and online marketing needs, you are choosing a company that understands the importance of three factors in achieving business success, the 3P’s: People, Process, and Product.

For the first P, our firm provides the assurance that we have the right people for the job. We offer the guarantee that you will be dealing with people who understand the importance of people in business success. We understand that we need experienced technical experts who have the competence to create success for you while ensuring our own success and reputation as an SEO and online marketing firm.

People is doubtlessly an integral part of any business. Even a single proprietorship requires people to support operations or for small-time businesses, People is the proprietor himself or herself. Likewise, income generation ventures that rely on passive revenues need people to oversee the performance and conditions of the assets or investments that produce the passive revenues. The people factor simply cannot be considered dispensable. It is a fundamental element of business success.

In an interview with Forbes, renowned entrepreneur and TV personality (of ‘The Profit’ fame) Marcus Lemonis mentions how people is very important in a business. For him, people are the core of every business. He is a believer of the 3P’s but he can settle with just 2 of these 3P’s for as long as the other P refers to people.

People are the primary determining factor for the success of a business. A not-so-profitable business run and staffed by competent people can grow or at least stay operational in the midst of adversities, but a well-funded venture deemed viable can easily collapse with the wrong people on board. A business that succeeds even with the wrong people is almost a nonexistence.

So what are the things that make people right for a business? There are many but the basic things should always include competence, openness and desire to learn, adaptability or resilience, commitment, good resource management skills, a forward-looking attitude, and a cautious willingness to take risks.

We at Sticky Web Media are already confident in our management team and our corporate culture that’s why our emphasis is on the competence of our people on the ground, those who do the direct work in optimizing our clients’ websites. We always put great emphasis on hiring competent personnel, people who have the skills and are willing and able to learn more to be able to do a better job. Moreover, we also hire experienced and talented SEO and online marketing experts who can provide the necessary trainings or workshops our company needs to be able to provide solutions that evolve with the changing search engine optimization and Internet marketing landscape.

We understand the importance of people not only for our own company’s sake. More importantly, we know we need to always have the right people to be able to provide the competent and efficient services that ensure our clients’ success. We always believe that our clients’ success is what spells our own success. For us to become successful, we have to make sure that all the SEO and web marketing campaigns we undertake are successful.