Picking Out the Right Social Media Marketing Los Angeles Company

Staff Writer: Jessica Rennie

Date: 8.5.2012



There are a number of ways to pick a search engine optimization company.  For starters, you will want one who shows up in the top three spots in a Google search.  If a SEO company cannot optimize their own site, how could you possibly expect them to optimize yours?  However, even if a company shows up at the top of a search engine results page that does not automatically make them an adequate company.  So you will also want to look at other characteristics.


The next item to check out is the type of services the SEO Company has to offer.  Different marketing strategies will work better with some businesses than they will with others so it is essential that the company offers a variety of services so that if one does not fit with your business, you have the option of going in a different direction.  The main services to look for are pay per click, anchor text links, SEO consultation, and social media marketing.  These are the top methods being used but a great company will have many other options on top of these to choose from.


Also, when looking at the previously mentioned methods, you should inquire about how they use them.  For example, if a company lists social media marketing Los Angeles as one of its services, ask which social media sites are used.  You will want to make sure that at least Facebook and Twitter are part of that service since they are currently the most popular sites.  It has been proven that social media marketing can give you that extra edge you need for a productive marketing campaign.  In such a competitive environment, you can use anything that will step up your game.


How Social Networking Helps:

  • Other people on Twitter or Facebook judge you based on the number of followers or fans you have; the higher the number, the more credible your brand or company looks to them.
  • A solid following will continue to grow as friends tell friends about your company.
  • You can add social widgets on your website to attract people to follow you on the social networking sites.  It also shows that you have some influence on these networks.


An SEO company is basically a Los Angeles advertising agency for the internet.  And since all advertising is going to directly impact the image for your business, you want it to be good and positive.  This means that you want to make sure that the SEO Company you choose is playing by the rules.  There are ways to do SEO that are not considered legitimate.  While these ways are effective, they do not make a business look good.  Therefore, you will want your SEO Company to play by the rules.  That means no spam links and having quality content.  Make sure that the SEO techniques used will follow the search engines’ guidelines and does not involve any sort of shortcuts.  Shortcuts may save time but they do not produce quality results.


A lot of companies will guarantee an increase in traffic to your business’s site.  It may sound really good when they throw out statistics and a game plan.  Just make sure that you do your research before jumping in.  Google “Search Engine Optimization” or “Internet Marketing” and see which companies show up first.  The first companies listed know how to market their own company and will be able to help you with your own.  Then, check out their services.  Make sure they offer the ones that will best suit your needs.  By do these two simple steps, you will have already narrowed down your search considerably.

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