Picking the Right SEO Company with the Best Los Angeles SEO Service

Staff Writer: Jessica Rennie

Date: 7.16.2012



In order to make your online business a success on the Internet, you will need to have amazing SEO, or search engine optimization, content.  SEO is your only way to communicate with your customers.  Unlike in a brick and mortar store, you do not meet face to face with your customers and you cannot hold a conversation with them to convince them that your store is the best.


SEO is the only way that you can share about your products features and benefits, show that you are a trustworthy online business, and convince the customers that you are the expert in your line of work.  Because your business is online, your job as an entrepreneur is a little more difficult unless you have an SEO content strategy.  And just one article or blog post will not count as having SEO content; you will need a lot of high quality content to make a difference in the online business world.


The best way to get started in SEO is to find an SEO agency Los Angeles.  Cue the long list of SEO companies that are out there.  How do you know which one will give you what you and your business need?  Start looking at the SEO Company’s track record.  There are a lot of bad, decent, or extraordinary companies out there.  You can immediately eliminate some from your list if they have been hit by Google’s new algorithm, Penguin.


Penguin was created to deal with the bad SEO marketing that has clogged up the Internet.  Bad SEO companies did not understand how to properly work with SEO.  Their tactics of using too many keywords and using spam links were effective in getting a website noticed but Google did not like it.  So, they revised their algorithm to skip over sites like these when Google users searched with those keywords.  The affect? These SEO companies have drastically lost viewing and followers.


So now you have left a list of decent and extraordinary SEO companies.  You can narrow down the selection even further by looking at what Los Angeles SEO service they provide.  Most will offer the same services: link building, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, pay per clicks, social media marketing, business and company branding, and a few others.


What you really want to make sure they offer is the search engine optimization, link building, and social media marketing because these are the big ticket items.  Social media Los Angeles is especially essential to have offered because social media is such a big deal these days.  A lot of people have profiles on at least one, if not more, social media sites so posts and tweets about your company will reach a lot of people.


Now you should have your list narrowed down to only a select few SEO companies.  They are the best of the best.  To pick one, go with your gut and which one feels right.  You have already done your research on them so you know they are good.  Just pick whichever one feels right for your company and let them do the rest.

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